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  • I've been a big fan of the Giant Bomb founders since their days at GameSpot, and I enjoy that they now employ many familiar faces that left the company after the strange and ridiculous events surround Jeff's Kane & Lynch review. (Hey, let's fire this guy for doing his job! Can't risk losing that kickback from the publisher/developer for posting a good review!)

I'm glad to see the growth GB has seen these past few years and hope it continues in the same direction for many years to come. I'm also a big fan of all the other non-GameSpot alum staff and Quick Looks. Keep on Giant Bombing, Giant Bomb!

What's that? You say this is supposed to be about me? Oh...well...here it is in a nutshell:

  • I'm a "core" gamer, as they call it these days

  • Achievement Whore & Trophy Addict

  • I DON'T like FPS's. (Especially CoD)

  • RPG's, Action-Adventure, and RTS's are my favorite genres.

  • I like to read most all types of books, manga (Yotsubato!; Sgt. Frog; Cromartie High School) and GNs.

  • I'm a Modder. Especially for Bethesda games. (The Elder Scrolls & Fallout series specifically)

  • Collector of Strategy Guides, Video Game Maps, "Collector's Edition" games, Statues, Figures & Legos

  • Batman is my favorite superhero. PowerGirl & Bat Woman are tied for my favorite superheroine.

  • I am a Cancer Survivor & Kidney Transplant patient of 8 and 15 years, respectively.

  • I play the Guitar, Bass, Drums and Keys. (Going on 16 years for the first, a couple for the others)

  • I'm a HUGE Rush fan..like, REALLY HUGE. (if you couldn't tell from my page)

  • If you asked me to name my favorite Rush song, you are obviously not a Rush fan. ;) Same goes for favorite album.

Check out my lists for my favorite games of all time and other gaming related stuff, such as my collections.