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@corruptedevil: THANK YOU!! I was trying to remember what the heck that game was called!! I remember downloading it earlier this year after reading about it in so many GOTY lists but never got around to playing it. Have any links to some Necro builds? Or at least some general guidance for a newb?

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@wsgexe: Thanks for those suggestions. Unfortunately I have played almost all of them, lol. I was considering playing some Titan Quest again since I remembered there being some really cool Necro-type skills and I never actually had a chance to play through the expansion. I always thought TQ was kind of an underrated gem of a game.

I also played through Kingdoms of Amalur when it came out and really enjoyed it, although I played as a warrior type character. It's a shame we'll never see any more out of that franchise because I thought it had great potential.

I've never heard of Hammerwatch or Sacrifice, but I will look into them.

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@corruptedevil: I agree. i don't think the Witch Doctor is anywhere near as interesting or cool as the D2 Necromancer. Although they have stated that the Witch Doctor isn't meant to be a replacement for the Necro, I honestly don't see them ever adding one in as they are too similar. Nothing can compare with raising an army of skeletons and laying waste to everything in your path in D2!

@hunkulese: That's good to hear. I was thinking about playing that game after watching the QL.

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I like Necromancy.

Wait! Come back!! Let me rephrase that.

Whenever there is a game that allows you to be some type of Necromancy class, I usually pick that. I was thinking about this a bit today and found that almost all of the games that have an actual Necromancer class are MMO's, and very few single player games offer such a choice. I have looked at both the Necromancy and Necromancer concept pages and found little there that I didn't already know about; also those pages will list games if they have even the slightest mention of Necromancy/cers, such as them being an enemy type or the main villain and stuff like that.

So now to the purpose of this topic. Can you guys think of any single player (read: not MMO) games where you play as a Necromancer or have the option of creating one? It doesn't seem to be a very popular option, and I'm not really sure why. Perhaps all the issues of having to create good pet AI? I don't know! It's really a shame because I think it's a really fun archetype to play as. And yes, I know about the Elder Scroll's pathetic options for would-be Necromancers. I think one of the coolest concepts of this character type was achieved with Dark Age of Camelot, which, sadly, can no longer be experienced. For those that never played as one in that game, basically you would summon your minion and in doing so your player character would turn into a ghost and you would be unable to affect anything other then your minion. For example, you could not attack monsters directly but you could control the commands your minion preformed as well as being able to cast buffs and healing spells on him. But I'm just rambling now.

Let me know what games you can think of, and perhaps why you think this isn't a very popular option outside of MMOs!

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@jackob187: I used to be the exact same way as you. Ryan's passing really hit me hard, and I stopped visiting the site for quite a while. Next I heard Vinny was leaving and I thought all was lost, but suddenly a miraculous creature named Dan Rykert came along and restored my love for GB. I really think you should give him a fair chance. Some of his QL's with Drew are some of the best ever made, IMO. And I really, really like the Vinny/Alex dynamic that's going on at GBEast, but I know not everyone likes it. So I strongly encourage you to take a leap back in by watching one of the Vinny/Alex QL's or any of the ones with Dan. I'm certain you will enjoy them.

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Yeah, this month has definitely gone a long way towards making me interested in GB again. It got pretty rough for a while there, and I wasn't visiting almost at all. Now I can't wait to see what's coming up on the content ticker. I'm especially loving the Vinny/Alex duo, and have enjoyed almost everything Dan has been a part of.

It's especially impressive how many quick looks have gone up considering how few new releases we have gotten this summer. Keep up the great work guys!!

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I understand that dying is a huge part of this game, but I feel like I'm dying a lot even by this game's standards. I also have a hard time with boss battles; I never feel like I'm doing enough damage, and I usually only finish with either zero time-outs left, very little time left on the clock, or both- if i even finish at all. I usually stick with Jean Rambois since he seemed to be the generic all-around-good-at-everything-but-not-great-at-anything type guy. Also, those god damn jetpack sections fucking suck!!! My go-to strategy for them has been to select Shieldy Blockerson and just fly through as fast as I can while never letting my shield down, which I feel is kind of cheating.

So, yeah. Do I just suck at this game, or is it hard to other people as well? Am I missing some sort of key strategy or concept?

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@bonechompski said:

Thanks for putting this up. It's hard to listen to though, there seems to be a bunch of shitty hip hop music in the background.

I was about to click Play until I read this. :(

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Kind of funny that you can use the GC controller, but you can't play GC games.

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I would say Neir for PS3, and Lost Odyssey for 360, which isn't obscure but I loved it. Also Koudelka, Shadow Hearts and Terranigma.