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I understand that dying is a huge part of this game, but I feel like I'm dying a lot even by this game's standards. I also have a hard time with boss battles; I never feel like I'm doing enough damage, and I usually only finish with either zero time-outs left, very little time left on the clock, or both- if i even finish at all. I usually stick with Jean Rambois since he seemed to be the generic all-around-good-at-everything-but-not-great-at-anything type guy. Also, those god damn jetpack sections fucking suck!!! My go-to strategy for them has been to select Shieldy Blockerson and just fly through as fast as I can while never letting my shield down, which I feel is kind of cheating.

So, yeah. Do I just suck at this game, or is it hard to other people as well? Am I missing some sort of key strategy or concept?

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@bonechompski said:

Thanks for putting this up. It's hard to listen to though, there seems to be a bunch of shitty hip hop music in the background.

I was about to click Play until I read this. :(

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Kind of funny that you can use the GC controller, but you can't play GC games.

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I would say Neir for PS3, and Lost Odyssey for 360, which isn't obscure but I loved it. Also Koudelka, Shadow Hearts and Terranigma.

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Thanks for the replies. The whole "mirroring video on the gamepad" sounds like a great way to play in bed. ;)

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I'm thinking about getting a Wii U soon, mainly to play Wind Waker HD but also eventually Bayonetta 2. (and hopefully more down the line...) But right now I'm kind of going through a classic game kick, specifically SNES era RPG's and Action/Adventure games. I have a Wii, and I know that some of the games I want to play are on the Wii Virtual Console, and a few are also on the Wii U Shop.

My question is, can I play the ones that are only on the Wii VC on the Wii U? It's my understanding that I can, but not with some of the features of games that are on the Wii U shop; such as off-TV play and stuff like that. Is this correct? Also, I read something about having to pay $1 or 1.50 for games that I already own in order to access them on the Wii U shop? What's this about?

Here is a list of the games I'm hoping to play. You can ignore anything that isn't a SNES game; and yes, I know some of them aren't on either shop.

Thanks for any help in clarifying this. I don't understand why they decided to make two different shops (three if you count the 3DS) and didn't make one shop for everything....If this is confusing to me, a gamer, I can only imagine how confusing it is for parents and non-gamers.

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So, this is the man responsible for my nightmares....

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Hey, @patrickklepek you mislabeled one of the games under the kickstarter section. You called it "Codemaster" but it's actually called "Codemancer." Obviously, Codemaster would be some sort of copyright infringement. ;)

Anyways, just a heads up. I always enjoy your Worth Reading articles. Keep up the good work!

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I'm thinking we'll start seeing them tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. Kind of sucks having to wait until Friday to play it, but then again, if the reviews aren't favorable I'll probably skip it and just pick up Dark Souls 2 instead. ;) Seriously hope that doesn't happen though, I haven't touched my PS4 since November.....