What makes a good LP

Hey fellow duder's.

So I was thinking about what makes us watch hours of videos of people screwing around with video games (when we could be playing them ourselves). For me it is escapism, when I can't be arsed after work to even play a game I can load up GB or YouTube and watch someone play.

Other than the videos I religiously watch from staff on this site (and seriously people, I watch them all), and steams that the Mods put up I also enjoy LP's.

One of my favorite LP's are done by Mangg, he is always keeps talking and keeps you entertained (he frequently has by laughing like some kind mad man) yet knows when to keep quiet in the important parts, his Skyrim LP's have over 1.2 million views over on http://www.gameanyone.com/Mangg and has since switched to his own youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/ManggMangg/videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/ManggsLPs before that) he is also starting his own podcast called the Manggcast at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-aprpylMuCe-dMp8vHOrj3bTqcRX9c4i

And no I am not him, or related to him or a lover or even know him other than by twitter and his videos, but what I do know is that he has what it takes to keep us all entertained.

So do you watch any LP's, who are your favorites and why, also if you don't like LP's let me know why in the comments.

Thanks duders

Speak soon



Was this a scripted event or non scripted event in Skyrim ?

Hi all, some of the events in Skyrim are pretty epic but I would like to know if a certain event happened to you guys or was a random event.

I was following the Thieves Guild quests when I was sent to Winterhold (where the Mages College is), this was the first visit to the city and as soon as I arrived a Dragon attacked the town landing on the Inn, flying around and torching the town, in doing so it completely destroyed about four or five buildings in the city (not sure if these will ever get rebuilt).

The dragon was not even a named one it was just called "Dragon" which is why I think it may be random, if it is random then it was the best random event I have witnessed in a game in about 20 years of gaming.

So did this happen to you? Have you had an event which you are not sure is scripted or not?


Giantbomb vs the world (all other gaming sites!!!)

I have to admit that before discovering Giantbomb and becoming a member I would use IGN, Gamespot, Gametrailers and Eurogamer.

Since joining I don't even want to use the other sites at all, just thought I would list some of my reasons (so far!!):

1) After so many stories of purchased reviews by publishers (if you take reviews that seriously).

2) The amount of content sponsored by huge releases.

3) Sites copy the quick look format (Eurogamer have just started doing a video "talkthrough" which is a blatant Rip-Off).

4) The people hosting other sites video and audio content mostly look totally uncomfortable in front of camera or on mic and are simply no match for Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Patrick and the gang who even on what could be a boring game manage to lift it by personally alone (see the quicklook for Train simulator 2012:Trains Vs Zombies for proof).

Are there any gaming sites that have become redundant to you since discovering GB?


Maintenance on Xbox 360 Servers [EU]

This is for my fellow peps in Europe who are having trouble connecting to multiplayer matches on Battlefield 3 on Xbox, this is taken from battlelog, lets hope it fixes the issues:

Maintenance on Xbox 360 Servers [EU]
By: zh1nt0 Posted: 18 hours ago 277 commentsWe are going to perform some maintenance on our Xbox 360 servers in Europe. Some players may be kicked from their current games. The outage will last for a maximum of 2 hours. The maintenance should hopefully resolve some of the "Failed to connect" issues that some players are seeing. We´re very sorry for the inconvenience.

EA's Battlefield 3 review copies farce

It looks like it wasn't just GB who had the review copy of Battlefield 3 at the last minute and PC version not unlocking until the last minute, I just found this on th Eurogamer web site:

As some of you may know, the general embargo for publishing Battlefield 3 reviews online expired at 8.01am UK time this morning.
Eurogamer and many other websites only received finished console copies of the game yesterday morning. Our reviewer signed for his at 7am.
There were a few reviews online yesterday based on the PC version of the game. When it became apparent last week that there might be a distinction between timings for PC and console reviews, we asked for PC code but were told none was available. We still haven't been sent a PC copy of Battlefield 3 despite being told it is the leading version.
Throughout the last seven days we've also been told that a day-one patch would be released early this week that was essential to reviewing the game. In the event it turned out to be 167MB on Xbox 360.
Under the circumstances, our review is not ready for this morning's embargo.
However, our reviewer was able to play the game extensively at pre-release hands-on sessions and has been playing pretty much non-stop for 24 hours with the patch installed, so the review will hopefully be ready later today.
Meanwhile, disks are on their way to Digital Foundry so that Rich Leadbetter can put together our PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 face-off for the end of the week.
We don't know exactly why we've been put in a position where we can't review the game at the same time as other websites, but we have asked politely.
We're obviously disappointed by the circumstances, but we don't harbour any ill feeling towards DICE, for whom we have infinite respect and affection, and we won't let any of this nonsense cloud our analysis of a game we're really excited to finally play.