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I'm glad you enjoy it. I really like the atmosphere and the music. It had really fun gameplay, too. The story telling was a hot mess. It seemed to enjoy being vague only for the sake of being vague. Once you do unravel the mystery that is the storyline you're treated to a shallow ending.

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I wish him the best of luck at Kotaku but I'm not going to be regularly following his work over there.

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Never agreed with Patrick's politics but his writing was top notch and the site is certainly worse without him. I hope he has good luck over at Kotaku.

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I just don't see why this child's parents didn't fund their child's dream themselves. If I were a parent and my kid was passionate about something I'd break my back to see them have the opportunity to set out on a course that would see them through to that goal. There's no reason for this to be a kickstarter. I do not want the press to spin this story into one of gamers being misogynistic pigs who don't want a child's dream to be a reality.

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Honestly probably just showing their console.

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This isn't sexism.

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I don't see any real controversy here. Skyrim is a bit generic. In the end of the day, sure, it's Elder Scrolls which means go in hundreds of dungeons, do a few quests and get out. I seem to recall Todd Howard mentioning how he wished the Elder Scrolls had an identity as strong as the Fallout series. (Can't find the link at the minute maybe I'm just crazy) At least the world was more interesting in aesthetics than Oblivion.

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I just bought the white Vita that came with AC: Liberation the other day. This thing just has so much potential it makes me sad to see the state of the game library for it. Anyway I'm loving it so far. I beat Uncharted on it and that was pretty OK but my time has been pretty much consumed with Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. It's the first time I've played Ninja Gaiden since I was a kid on the XBOX and man it's so hard but very, very fun.

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I'm a big fan of the original story arc. The first five seasons all felt really good together. (Season 4 is probably my overall favorite, if I had to choose.) The biggest complaint I have about Season 6 was how the writers seemed to have forgotten how to write for Dean. He just feels so out of character all the time from what I've seen. I haven't seen season 7 or 8 yet.

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It's fine. A lot of the bugs will be ironed out soon enough and you can't realistically expect a bug free launch of anything. I am sad that a few of my favorite parts of the site are no more but I'll get over it. It's weird not seeing the popular topics when I scroll to the bottom of the front page but a lot of these things are just things I'll have to get use to.