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I liked it when I played through it. Especially the story. Looking back at it now though and I really disliked every aspect of the gameplay. I think I was just RPG starved at the time.

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I like all those movies you mentioned. /:

I probably won't be seeing this one for a few weeks. I've heard a lot of great things but I'm just not familiar with Mad Max at all.

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I was desperate for information about Dragon Age: Origins. I didn't want just trailers I wanted people actually talking about it and that's when I stumbled upon a Quick Look.

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I'm glad you enjoy it. I really like the atmosphere and the music. It had really fun gameplay, too. The story telling was a hot mess. It seemed to enjoy being vague only for the sake of being vague. Once you do unravel the mystery that is the storyline you're treated to a shallow ending.

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I wish him the best of luck at Kotaku but I'm not going to be regularly following his work over there.

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Never agreed with Patrick's politics but his writing was top notch and the site is certainly worse without him. I hope he has good luck over at Kotaku.

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I just don't see why this child's parents didn't fund their child's dream themselves. If I were a parent and my kid was passionate about something I'd break my back to see them have the opportunity to set out on a course that would see them through to that goal. There's no reason for this to be a kickstarter. I do not want the press to spin this story into one of gamers being misogynistic pigs who don't want a child's dream to be a reality.

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Honestly probably just showing their console.

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This isn't sexism.

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I don't see any real controversy here. Skyrim is a bit generic. In the end of the day, sure, it's Elder Scrolls which means go in hundreds of dungeons, do a few quests and get out. I seem to recall Todd Howard mentioning how he wished the Elder Scrolls had an identity as strong as the Fallout series. (Can't find the link at the minute maybe I'm just crazy) At least the world was more interesting in aesthetics than Oblivion.