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@rhombus_of_terror: oh I agree it is not an ideal implementation and I was pretty disappointed with how the overall storyline took a backseat but at the same time I actually do enjoy the little bits of story that are there. Some of those tapes have a real weight to them that I have rarely, if ever seen in Metal Gear.

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Did they ever start listening to the tapes in MGSV? I always found them to really add a lot to the overall story and my enjoyment of Metal Gear Scanlon was always Drew experiencing the story side of things. I know even with the tapes MGSV has a thin story but I felt they helped it a lot. I quit watching early on because it seemed like Dan and Drew weren't going to be paying attention to that side of things.

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If those are my only two options I'd have to easily say Jeff. Brad is fine. I just prefer Jeff.

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I disliked her work but hope she has fun at whatever her new gig is.

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I can't relate to anyone having to agree with the politics of the creator to enjoy something. Nothing above but if I had to choose I guess it would be my mood when playing.

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I lean conservative. I did vote for Obama twice! ...but if I could do it over again I probably would have voted for Romney in 2012.

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I was primarily interested in Drew's reaction to the story. In MGSV the tapes are the story more or less until he gets to end game events so eh. I'll tune in later.

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I think lately they've been on point and go as long as needed. I like Dan and Jeff's attempt at actual quick looks but I also appreciate that the long ones still happen.

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What is more interesting is how many deaths it took once he figured the puzzle out and compare it to dan's number in which he knew the path and he knew what was red herrings. Which is one of the reasons why dan's level is so bad (not difficult, bad) is because of the red herrings, the stage isn't hard because the puzzles were hard but they were misleading elements that had to be explored. Fatiguing the player isn't a great way to win, it just shows level design incompetence.

Fun was never the point of the level.

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fucking Super Mario Maker wrestling promos

i love this site and everything it stands for