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Oh man, I totally agree with him on how "totally absurd" Red Dead Redemption's ending is after all the people you've killed throughout to give this ludonarrative dissonance.

Go to 46:08.

"Imagine a movie that's trying to be a serious drama. A serious drama where the main character shoots 860 guys. And then goes to his family at the end and you try to have this touching moment where he's caring for his family. It simply doesn't work because you've changed the value of human life. Like, part of that shooting 860 guys was burning down a village of poor peasants so that you could get in with the Mexican army. Throwing molotov cocktails into their house. Those are families just like your family that they're trying to have their poignant moment with. That poignant moment just does not work in that kind of game."

I don't really agree but I think its that separation of story and gameplay that just comes naturally in my mind. I also think RDR's ending did work as intended in many, many peoples minds.

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I've been waiting for a topic about this guy. I absolutely love CGR videos. He's almost always so positive about things and unless the game is beyond a pile of trash he'll find something good to say about the product.

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I've only ever read anything of Kuchera's on the PA Report and all that I read were good articles but after seeing how childish he is I'd rather not give him another one of my page views and am done with it.

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Jackie Brown hands down.

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I thought he said he wasn't doing it and sticking to Star Trek. Oh well. I really like his Star Trek movie. I'm sure he'll do a good job here.

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I've stopped watching a lot of them as well. I did watch the Ni No Kuni one but I was hard pressed not to fast forward a whole lot. I don't want to play the blame game on anyone after all maybe it's just my taste that are changing but I just don't find them nearly as interesting or entertaining as I once did.

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Another day, another shitstorm. I'm not a woman, I don't know what all counts as offensive to women. I'll just have to take their word for it. What I do find odd is how in that Cart Life quicklook at the end of the day I guess you take a shower and it shows you all kinda of different statistics but for no reason that I could find they would have the woman showering just fully naked. I guess I wanna know why that's OK and a zombie statue of a female torso isn't.

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When I loaded the album up and saw those scars I just felt terrible for that poor kid but I started choking up a bit when it showed him getting that awesome helmet. This was a beautiful thing that Bungie did for that kid. Sometimes I feel really down about all the negativity in the world and stories like these just hits me hard.

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I didn't like the ending but at the same time that's not what made me have less than fond feelings about Mass Effect 3. The campaign just wasn't as gripping to me. I understand a lot of big, important events were happening but at the same time I just didn't find myself caring nearly as much as I thought I would have. It's not nearly as bad a sequel as Dragon Age 2 but still quite disappointing to me.

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I don't have much to add to this conversation other than I'm very excited to see more of you, man. I really enjoyed you during the final GOTY podcast.