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K&L3 coming... December 2012!

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if I wasn't in the negatives on my bank account (LOL) I'd buy a month to help not splitting the bombcast fund.

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How am I not surprised? Square Enix not supporting a game past release, wow. Wait, that's exactly what I would have expected from them.

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The Room.
oh hi, Danny!
oh hi, Doggy!
oh hi, Mark!
Lisa is so beautiful!
oh my god I need to stop remembering that movie. It's inducing pain! >_<

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Never played the Playstation games, don't know how they are, but the PC games are classics and pure parts of my childhood. The Ride FTW.

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When I heard this news you would have no idea the amount of joy that filled my little heart. It's probably the best gaming news all this year. Anyway, day one purchase. No matter what.

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About two years. Quit for a month but went back. I know it's bad but I need that quick "relief" when I'm really on edge.