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For the record, I've read the referenced thread. Thought I'd chip in with my $0.02 here instead of a new topic saying the same thing. 
I love the lists feature, but the inability to move items from one list to another makes them completely unwieldy to the point where I've stopped using them. I go through the trouble of adding comments on the items in my list, only to have them wiped out when I have to move them between lists. When I move something from 'Interested In' to 'My Collection' I lose the comments unless I copy them and then paste them into the item when I add it to the other list. It's a complete PITA. Or when my 'Interested In' list gets to big and I want to break it out into say a 'Nintendo' and 'PS3' platforms list, it's not worth the work because I have to copy all the comments again. 
Anyway, I know you guys are trying to keep it simple to use and I'm a huge fan of the site but PLEASE add the ability to move items between lists without having to go through a stupid CRUD process. I just want to move the thing from one list to another. Until then, I'm sorry to say my excitement for lists has capped out. 
ps. I do love the site, just trying to keep up with a little constructive criticism to keep it improving :)

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I voted PS3 for a couple reasons: 

  1. I think it's now the best value for the money (integrated WiFi, included HDD, etc)
  2. Free online play (I personally have a strong dislike to the Live! thing)
  3. Amazing media player - I stream everything from my Mac using PS3 Media Server
  4. It's no longer treated as the red headed step child by developers, we get first class AAA titles
The well reasoned responses in this thread are nice to see. We're rising above the fanboyisim and having a reasonable discussion based on merits. While I think that if you're totally intonetwork play the 360 still has the upper hand, Sony keeps improving the online aspect of the PSN/PS3 and lets hope that it keeps MS honest!
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I never had a forum account at GameSpot but after the crap with Jeff went down I made a point of never visiting the site again. Once they started up Giant Bomb I got hooked and made an account and started participating in the community. I've always enjoyed the podcasts that Jeff and company were involved with.

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I'll be picking it up as well. The significant other loves these games. She's beaten DQ V, started DQ iV and I currently have her distracted with Chrono Trigger. 
I hear you PengiunDust.. I too hope that DQ IX gets translated and released first. I'm looking forward to it. It looks like they've really gotten the most out of the DS in terms of performance and graphics. It looks awesome.

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@snide: Would it not be possible to apply some hysteresis to this problem? If you guys are updating the trophy data nightly, you can figure out for yourself the last played or last trophies earned information. I don't know how granular you need this input data to be but down to within a 24 hour period seems like it should be sufficient. Just start tracking the PS3 users trophies over time and figure out the last played information based on what was not there the day before. It requires a little more processing, but i've heard this is the sort of thing that computers are good at :) 
ps. Great work on this initial PSN trophy support. I'm a very happy PS3 user!
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I love CoD4 but have held off on WoW as it's not an Infinity Ward production. It's been out for a while now though and I could probably grab this used for a reasonable price. With a little DLC for free it'd be worth picking up. 
I'd be interested in this for the PS3

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This is going to be epic.

In all the time I've read game news on this site since it launched I don't think I've posted any comments, but this one warrants a must post. This may very well require dusting off the old PC, finding my M-Audio device, acquiring a 360, and hanging a shingle saying 'RockBand track conversions done here.' I can't wait to see what this produces. Talk about not doing things by halves. This is going to blow Guitar Hero out of the water. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Harmonix, you guys and gals absolutely rock!
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When on the page for a game, one of the side panels is the 'Related Games' section. This is a useful tool to see what other games are similar. I have frequently wanted to see which of these similar games are available on the platforms I own so I know which ones I should look into in further detail.

I am proposing a platform filter in on this 'Related Games' panel. Carrying this idea one step farther, it would be nice if the 'Alignment' I've set in my user profile could be used to make a default selection on which games to filter/sort on. This may be a slight bastardization of the 'Alignment' property but until the user profiles support the setting of platforms owned by the user, this is the next best thing.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment if you like the idea!

ps. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong area, I did a couple searches but could not find a 'Feature Request' forum or topic.
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Just piping up that I've got the same problem.

I can't add any games to my official 'my collection' list as the button is grayed out when I click on 'Add to a list'. The same thing also applies to the 'my wish list' button as well. Just an FYI that others are seeing the same problem.