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I wish Patrick the best. It's really hard seeing people working on the site leave since everyone's very up front and personal with us :(

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Guys, you realize that if it was about the money he'd keep it, right? Minecraft is still making tons.

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I am shocked and stunned. My condolences. A lot of people will miss you Ryan, people you never even knew.

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We'll miss you Dave :(

It won't be the same without you :(

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Ouh... iiii.... shhhhh.... *inhaling through clenched teeth sound*

Yeaaahhhh..... I don't know about this...

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Another worth mentioning is Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes.

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@Elyhaym said:

@Poki3: I believe Relic owns it, although I cannot say for sure. In any event I'd wager that it would've gone with them to Sega.

That's my assumption that it went with Relic, but it's not a given. If I understand it correctly, THQ owned the IP, not Relic specifically.

It would be kind of tragic if the developer and the IP were separated again.

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What happened to the rights to Homeworld that THQ bought from Vivendi / Sierra?