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As always, Giant Bomb represents the sane, level-headed, silent majority's feelings on this shitshow. Thanks to Jeff for writing this, thanks to the staff for standing behind it, and a big "shaking my head" at the sorry situation that caused it to be written at all.

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I greatly prefer the world building and level design of Dark Souls. The interconnectedness of it all, the need to traverse the world rather than warp (for the most part), the darkness and claustrophobia as you descend deeper vs. the light and openness as you approach Anor Londo. The fully-formed characters like Lautrec, Solaire, Siegmeyer, Gwyndolin. The sinister secret of Petrus. The heartbreaking legend of Artorias and Sif. Dark Souls is my favorite game of all time.

However, I just slightly prefer the combat and movement of Dark Souls 2. Stats seem to mean more, especially ADP and your equipment burden. I love dual-wielding in power stance. The expanded magic system is great fun.

Overall, Dark Souls is an A+ and Dark Souls 2 is an A-.

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I actually like what Dark Souls is doing. Again it's missing the heart that stuff like Portal 2 and a lot of games this generation possess in spades.

Anyone that says this has not paid attention. Spoilers below, of course.

Seriously, I have played Portal 2, I have played RDR, I have played Mass Effect 2.

If there is a game this generation that has heart, it's definitely and by far Dark Souls.

There are precisely 2 games that have ever made me cry.

1) Mass Effect 3 - Death of Mordin Solus. "Had to be me. Someone else might have gotten it wrong."

2) Dark Souls - discovering and freeing puppy Sif in the Chasm of the Abyss, and then having the pieces all fall into place about Artorias's crippled arm and missing shield in the arena, and future Sif guarding Artorias' memorial to prevent others from getting the ring and walking the Abyss. Sif is trying to prevent anyone else from being corrupted by the Abyss like his best friend Artorias. It's even more heartbreaking if you free Sif and defeat Manus in the DLC before you fight Sif for the ring in the main game. Sif recognizes you as his savior from the past and doesn't want to fight you, but is still determined to keep you from the ring. The animation of the new pre-fight scene is a knife to the heart.

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@mezmero said:

I actually like what Dark Souls is doing. Again it's missing the heart that stuff like Portal 2 and a lot of games this generation possess in spades.

Anyone that says this has not paid attention. Spoilers below, of course.

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*sigh* It's like people can't understand that we GENUINELY LOVE DARK SOULS.

I have no problem accepting that many of you love Rockstar's brand of open-world game. Personally, I find Rockstar games to be rather middle-of-the-road. I always get bored. I still recognize that someone else might absolutely love them. RDR is the best Rockstar game, and even I can get on board with that. Good on ya if you're a fan.

For me, the voter in this poll, Dark Souls is the GotG. For you, it might not be. That's great, place your vote.

But I'm not confused about games. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone. I don't know why people need to convince themselves that Dark Souls fans are somehow... deluded.

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@cale said:

That polls involving Dark Souls always have the most votes makes me think there is some outside influence going on, possibly foreigners (illegal aliens) coming in and tipping the scales somewhat.

Or people who love Dark Souls (like me) are super passionate about it and want to make sure it gets its due. =)

There are some rounds I didn't care to vote, but I am always voting in a Dark Souls round. It helps that I've played all the games it has been up against, as well.

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I have been playing games for 30 years, since my parents first brought home an Atari 2600. I've played thousands of games. There are exactly two which have changed my life in profound ways.

#1 - Quake. Being introduced into that 3D world really opened my eyes to the increasing power and capability of modern computers. It led me to switch my college major from English/Journalism to Computer Science, and I have never looked back. My life today - career, friends, family, hobbies - can be traced directly back to the shareware version of Quake.

#2 - Dark Souls. I have never been so hooked by a game that both harkens back to the true challenge of video games, but also is completely modern in its art direction, style, multiplayer, interaction of systems, and worldbuilding/storytelling. The entirely-voluntary multiplayer component is a revelation for modern games. Being dropped into a concrete, fleshed-out place, not being beaten over the head by cutscenes that tell a half-assed "video game story," but rather unpeeling layers of mythology and structure like an archaeologist; completely refreshing. People are STILL piecing together meaningful story bits and assembling lore that seemed insignificant at first, but which are actually meticulously planned and revelatory. Much like Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones, seeming "villains" become very sympathetic and actually relatable when viewing the bigger picture from another point of view (Lautrec). But if you don't pay attention, you could miss all of it. Which makes it all the more rewarding. The stories of Artorias and Sif have moved me as profoundly as the death of Mordin Solus in Mass Effect 3.

It's icing on the cake that your interactions with this concrete world are governed by one of the best melee combat systems in gaming. The different options provided simply by changing your weapon can lead to an entirely different play style. The varieties of gear, upgrades, techniques, and combat encounters make the game endlessly replayable.

I originally played the game on 360. When the PC port+DLC became available, I jumped in there. And when I learned that the PS3 multiplayer community is the strongest of all, and that Dark Souls 2 would not be a next-gen game, I bought a PS3 specifically for it. Two months ago.

I have probably played about 200 hours of Dark Souls over all three platforms, and most days the first thing I want to do after the kids are in bed is fire it right back up. I'm going to be playing it as soon as I'm done with this stupid post. I can say without doubt that it is my favorite game ever and a momentous achievement for the industry.

Red Dead Redemption - I was bored to tears by the time I entered Mexico. Soldiered on for the "amazing story." It was okay, the end bits were kind of neat. A solid "yeah, that's an okay game." Overrated, but still the best and most logically-consistent Rockstar game since Bully.

I'm sorry, all you Dark Souls haters. You may think we are victims of a mass delusion. You may think we are somehow trying to be hipster or contrary by disdaining COD-bros and the FCG and the gaming gods at Rockstar. You're incorrect. Dark Souls is the best game of the generation, and in the conversation for one of the best of all time.

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