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After this incident, I really don't feel welcome here. I used to want to be active on the forums, but that enthusiasm has dwindled with every discussion about sexism. Every rationalization for why things are OK the way they are. I have nothing against the GB staff, including the new hires, and I wish them well. The conversation should be all about how exciting it is to have new hires, and I really wish it could be. But the pot is boiling over on a serious issue, and people refuse to just stay quiet about it. That's good, because it's the only way anything changes.

But...the reactionary backlash here over legitimate issues is frustrating. It's invalidating. It's not even just this particular incident. It's every conversation about discrimination. Every. Single. One. Even the ones I haven't read, the times when I just don't have it in me to read them, because I know exactly how it's going to go. I shouldn't feel drained and sad trying to be part of a community, but that's how it is. I dunno that anyone's gonna care, since I've mostly just been a lurker. But...I've been here, reading. Trying to find a way to speak up multiple times, succeeding only a few. It's been fun. No, wait, it's been the exact opposite of that.

took the words right out of my mouth.

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I'm nearing the end of Chapter 2 and so far it's a pretty harmless/uninspired hack and slasher that's got a sense of style, but not quite the budget to back it up. Sorta like Deadly Premonition where I don't really mind the game's flaws too much, but I've definitely had my fair share of the game's incredibly terrible technical performance botching missions for me with dropped frames and inputs or the camera spazzing out.

Can't really say at this point if I'll finish it or not. The side missions are so agonizingly bad, I don't really want to bother with them at all anymore already. Given how Japanese game design loves to hide good stuff behind tedious junky busywork tasks though, I'm sure there's items or weapons in there that'll be required to see everything the game has to offer.

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I didn't really much care for Transistor at all, but I felt that the ending was fine. The story didn't really hint so much at player agency as it did revenge. It was Red's story, not mine, so I feel another choice at the end would have just been tacked on. I understood her motivations as why live in a big futuristic city where most, if not all, of the population had been processed, when she could start a different journey?

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@efesell: Yeah, I feel I've got a pretty good grasp of everything that went on, but The Spine feels like an idea that got cut short due to either budget or time restraints. I mean, yeah, it could have just been a boss (and from the looks of it, a nixed boss fight too), but the effect it had on The Transistor isn't very clear. My only guess is that The Process was trying to process the Transistor itself, but even that's kinda pushing it, maybe.

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Yeah, I'm almost sure it's just players not knowing how the things work. I've taken more than my fair share of arrows to the back because of the damn things. So everyone is either just a shitty troll or they're terrible. I'm erring more toward the second.

I have run into a good number of people who snatch up summon signs at a boss door, then intentionally run in and get mutilated just to waste everyone's time. I've seen this happen a good 20-30% of the time. I know someone running into a boss' opening attacks and just standing there to know that one's intentional.

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Yesterday was a goldmine of cheaters for me, unfortunately. Was doing some helping out some folks with Smelter Demon and got summoned by a guy that was using infinite HP and infinite stamina. I was gonna call it lag when I saw the guy eat a full combo and take no damage, but knew something was up when I'd backed off and saw the guy swinging his Giant Club without ever stopping, even after the boss had died and I was fading out he just kept swinging. I'm not sure why he's summoning with infinite HP and stamina. I guess I was supposed to be impressed or something.

Second run-in was later in the evening when I was playing a newly created caster and was helping some folks with Old Dragonslayer. Same deal with a dude getting creamed over and over and taking no damage. Still confused as to why these people are summoning anybody!

The last one basically ruined it all for me. Before going to work this morning, I was running down to Huntsman's Copse to grab a few things, got invaded. The guy appears in end-game gear, takes no damage from my attacks, and proceeds to one-shot me with an attack. When I respawn at my bonfire, all my stats were 1.

Think I'm done with this game for a while.

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After 75 hours and completing the game once and about 80% through on NG+, I really don't think this one is gonna have the same staying power for me. I mean, I think it plays better than the previous games by leaps and bounds, but the world is just so uninteresting to me, the characters don't have the same impact as Demon's or Dark Souls' cast, and the boss encounters are probably the most boring and uninspired in series history. There's just no excitement or sense of pacing or world to keep me coming back.

From made the safest game they possibly could and unfortunately a feeling of safety isn't something that really fits with a Souls game.

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I used to have a couple of other messages that had 300-400 rates, but they either disappear over time or are scrolled off the most recent 10.

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@pr1mus: This can get you banned from being able to co-op or invade. There's a one-use item that will let you reset your ban, but after that, if you continue to do it, you'll be locked out of being able to summon or be summoned.

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@mordukai: Making them walk backward off a cliff or punting their dumbasses off a ledge was ever so satisfying.

My real beef with cheaters in PvP this time around is that beating them can completely fuck your Soul Memory and how you get matched up from then on. It's not worth winning this time if you're looking to maintain a reasonable Soul Memory since most of them also drop in excess of a million souls.