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Anyone that gets Patrick is gonna benefit from his talents, clearly. I haven't read Kotaku in a few years, but as a fan of Patrick's work I will go out of my way to make sure to read his stuff.

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What? No way. This is not how I wanted to end GoTY deliberations if it's true. :'(

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@corevi: Ah. I was pretty obsessive at keeping mine at 80-85% when I was doing a no-kill run a long time ago. At 75% when dudes walked by me laying in tall grass or when I tried to make certain moves in certain maps, they'd still notice me from time to time. I figure he'll get it figured out though. It's intimidating at first is all.

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The lack of a radar in MGS3's original release made it feel almost unreasonably difficult at times. Subsistence's camera makes that game BY FAR more playable and though not having the Soliton radar will definitely mess with him, it's not hard to adapt to the motion detector. It's really a matter of how vigilant he'll be about keeping his camo index in the 75-90% range to remain hidden. That does get tedious and I can see that bogging it down for him.

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Had a run yesterday where I successfully completed The Dark Room and defeated The Lamb without taking damage at all and got the Dead Boy achievement. That felt like quite an accomplishment. I'm not sure I'll ever hit Platinum God and I'll probably wind down my playing a bit now because there are a few other games I'd like to get to, but I feel pretty good currently sitting at 110/178 achievements in 55 hours of play. This game has been some amazing fun.

The only thing I haven't had the chance to do yet (mostly because it's hugely luck based) is getting to and defeating Mega Satan. I got to him once and only lasted about a minute. :/

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I'm in there like swimwear. Can't wait to get to crackin' away at this new version. I dumped about 75 hours in one month into the original and expansion earlier this year and I've been feeling the itch to get back to it. I can't think of a better way than just waiting for Rebirth to drop. ;D

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I run a server myself for some friends and we ran with 2x EXP rate and our drop rates are roughly 25% higher than the original game. We also did a bit of redundancy cleaning up in regards to what drops for what Section IDs as well (and added items to the drop table that could only be obtained from events we didn't have.) That's probably a bit too ambitious and it took quite a while, but I definitely think a slightly accelerated EXP gain would keep things a little more arcadey and refreshing.

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Wooooow. Seeing Castelak is a blast from the past.

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Maybe I'm just remembering my Hard/Extreme mode playthrough, but I remember the Harrier fight being a goddamn nightmare sticking point for me for a bit. The damage some of those attacks do and how hard it was to avoid some of them was nuts for me.

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It's a pain we never get over, but we do learn to live with. Best of luck to you in getting there. Take all the time you need.

Much love to you, Jeff and your family.