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It's All About The Cars... 0

In the Forza world it is all about the cars. In this sequel to a very solid racing sim, Turn 10 improves on the formula they surprisingly nailed from the get go. This time however, there is the strong pull of achievement points, leveling up and playing CARPG that pull you through the 50 some odd hours it takes to get through the career mode.There are hundreds of cars ranging from slow production cars to the fastest elite racers in the world from all parts of the globe. Cars are either won or pur...

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Serial killers, alcohol demons and a conspiracy. 0

It was a happy day when the news broke that Monolith was making a sequel to their visceral and atmospheric first person brawler Condemned. The first game was an experiment in how to take a FPS fought with your fists to the next level. It was tried before in games like Riddick and Breakdown, but the focus in Condemned was almost totally on your ability to punch and pick up weapons in the environment to bash dudes over the head with. It was an effective and thrilling ride, culminating in a very me...

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A charming and colorful JRPG with a very different story 0

Eternal Sonata defies description in many ways although it very much follows in the traditional footsteps of Japanese RPGs. Alot of credit goes to Tri-Crescendo for crafting a game around a story that many people would think could be incredibly boring, but instead brims with color, emotion and spirituality.The story centers around the famous classical composer Frederic Chopin as he lays dying, still young but struck with some ailment. In his mind Chopin has created a dream world that he inhabits...

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"Hither came Conan, the Cimmerian..." 0

THQ has done an admirable job the past few years of producing games that may not be AAA titles, but that are fairly solid and fun to play. I was still a bit skepitical, however, of Nihilistic developing the game after their dismal Marvel Nemesis, so I wasn't so sure what to expect from Conan. My hopes were high that Conan would turn out to be a quality game due to me being a Conan fan since the early 1980s when I bought every Conan comic book under the sun. Luckily for me, Nihilistic delivered a...

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A glitchy port of a fun game. 0

One thing is for certain - applying the sandbox environment Rockstar is famous for to a boarding school concept filled with school bullies, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, greasers and townies is a great idea and for the most part, it works wonderfully. There is alot to see and do on the campus of Bullworth and the surrounding towns, and the game will keep you entertained and busy for the 25-30 hours it will take you to reach the end.You play through the game as Jimmy Hopkins, a smart-mouthed but en...

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Hang on, let me clear the mud out of my eyes... 0

Codemasters has been making quality rally racing games for years and having been a fan of Colin McRae Rally 3 in particular, I was looking forward to their latest installment in the series. I can't say I'm a fan of the sport since I don't follow it at all, but I love rally racing games because they throw something at you that other racing games like PGR, Test Drive, Need for Speed and GT don't... dirt, mud, gravel, snow, beat up tarmac and the kind of courses you don't see normally. It makes it ...

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