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All I know is Microsoft is listening to hardcore gamers, either you can whine or cheer. Microsoft sold about 25 million Kinects for Xbox 360, Guinness Book of World Records claim it to being the "fastest selling consumer electronics device." So about 90 million Xbox 360s have been sold, almost 1/3 of them own a Kinect. The crowd here on Giant Bomb or most gaming sites could really care less for Kinect. But I have nieces and nephews, cousins, they love the thing. Kinect will live or die by the games that come out for it. Harmonix and Rare could by themselves give people reason enough to buy a Kinect. People sure didn't mind paying 200 bucks for Rock Band kits. I'm sure the Kinect for Xbox One with be no more than 100 bucks. Surely they'll probably bundle Disney Fantasia with Kinect this fall. May work may fail. Gaming industry is gone bonkers. Maybe that's good for us gamers in the end. I say the more options the better.

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Might as well merge Neversoft with Infinity Ward. Neversoft hasn't released an original game since Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, back in 2010. They've helped with COD Ghosts, had a few projects cancelled. So as much money as Activision has why don't they try and create new IPs. Dump so much money in COD, they can't get promising franchises off the ground such as Prototype and Blur. Here's Activision's release schedule every year, Spider-Man, Transformers, Cabela's, Skylanders and maybe an odd game here and there nothing worth noting. Destiny is a definate exception to Activision's normal policies. But I'm sure everyone was chomping at the bit to get Bungie's next title.

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New Star Wars, the next Dead Space...at the least stories will probably be well written.

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I just like everyone else on GB, I am totally stunned to hear of Ryan's passing. I've taken the news with great sadness. So I just want to express my emotions.

I started listening to Ryan, Jeff, Alex, Brad, & later down the road Vinny, back in their Gamespot days. Maybe 2002 or 2003. I was an instant fan of those guys. Listened to every podcast they did or video that was put up on Gamespot. Always entertaining and funny. I had become a real hardcore gamer around that time, and their was no better show around. Fast forward to when Jeff and Ryan left Gamespot.

Enter Giant Bomb. I was so happy they were getting back together to do a new site. I've been a member since day one pretty much. I've spent hours every week on GB, listening to podcasts, watching quick looks, "Video Things", editing wikis, etc. Just loved what they did here on GB. Something different and fresh, that was built off of their personalities. Then add Brad, Alex, & Vinny and the place was starting to look like Gamespot, but only better.

I'm also 34. I live with severe anxiety disorders, depression, I have OCDs, many phobias, and the worst, agoraphobia. It's very seldom I'm able to leave home. Most would find my life pretty boring and dull. I don't go anywhere because of my condition, nor am I a very social person because of these problems. This maybe the 1st post I've ever created here on GB. All of this has happened to me in the pass 10 years or so. But no matter how depressed or feeling sorry for myself, I've had my games. They have kept me from slipping all together. Giant Bomb has been an extension of that. Something I look forward to checking out every day. A podcast to listen to each week and just forget about all the things I'm up against.

I've shed tears over the unfortunate news today. Ryan hosted at least 3 hours of my life every week, for quite a number of years now. Giant Bomb will never be the same without Ryan. You were the loveable and laughable ringleader of this crazy place. But it has been an awesome place that I've thoroughly enjoyed. I will continue to enjoy each and everyday. Glad to know Ryan was apart of my life even if he didn't. Thanks for all the quick looks. Thanks for all the podcasts. Thanks for all the info you relayed from the gaming world. Thanks for helping create the greatest gaming website. Thanks for just being you man.

My sympathy goes out to Ryan's family & friends, the GB crew, and all the fans around the world.

And last I want to say...Ryan, job well done sir!



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and correspondents from Superbot Entertainment today had this to say in regards of the breaking news from Sony. "Sony you arseholes!!!, we hate your gutz! We must lay off half our staff and go make iOS games now."

j/k aside hope that doesn't happen to Superbot, too many developers are going through closings & layoffs. Good luck to Superbot.

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Max Payne 3, great story and characters...multiplayer is a blast also.

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The games business is vicious. Here's hoping things turn around for 38 studios.....and the many other developers on the brink of going under.

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this is great news...YES, YES, YES. I was worried.

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@Abyssfull: yeah same here....it will come down to Skyrim, Arkham City & Portal 2....Skyrim for the win.

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good to hear its coming back, open world game in Hong Kong sounds awesome.

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