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So I've recently been trying to curate a list of single player games that are fun for a group of people, not just the player, to enjoy or whatever. Trying to get that concept across is kind of weird. But say, if you're sitting in a room and someone is playing like, baldur's gate or something. That may be fun for you to watch, I don't know, but to me that's a game that provides a pretty solitary style of enjoyment. But if you're sitting in a room watching someone play Scribblenauts or whatever, you can offer ideas as to what you think they should draw or write or "scribble" I guess.

I don't know, I suppose it really could be boiled down to, what's a single player game that you recall having a great old time watching someone else play. Because, we've all been there. And super mega bonus points for features that might actually benefit from having some other brains to fish ideas out of, like that Scribblenauts example, I guess. Please and thank you, fun-friends.

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You're right man, damn, no gamers! Well, actually, that's not true at all! If you want to view paradise man, simply look around and view it! I will be, your gamer budd-e, if you truly wish me to be? That didn't work quite right, what I'm trying to say is, sure man, add me on steam or whatever, I'll play some games with you, I'm PolyesterKyle on there.

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.....What else would I ask video games for?

Dear video games, could you please be fun to play and worth my money? Please and thank you!

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So I'm considering buying a new microphone very soon. I think I want a headset mic so I get less keyboard and mouse click sounds. And up until now I've been using super cheap, breaks-in-two-months headsets, which are super cheap, break in two months and have the added bonus of sounding like total garbage with lots of background static and noise, and last year I bought a Blue Snowball which I never really liked all that much. I think it's way too quiet for me it seems. I can put it through an equalizer in post but that's not an option for live stuff, like guest appearances on streams. So it's pretty much just been a headache all the way around.

So what I'm asking is, does anybody have a microphone (preferably a headset) that they absolutely love right now? I guess I should say my budget is around 50 or 60 bucks. It's a little negotiable but that's the ball park I'm aiming for. Please and thank you guys!

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I usually try to catch whichever gender I think suits the pokemon better, like I used to catch female geodudes exclusively or male clefairys. Never thought about it all that much though.

Man, I need to go pick up the new pokemon game.

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I agree full-heartedly. Please don't judge me based on what makes me uncomfortable or at the very least put off, but his character all but ruined the game for me.

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I don't really want to weigh in on the whole sexism thing, but I think video games these days are super interesting. Most games that come out that have human protagonists and a renowned story or whatever, seem like they're doing a great job at giving gamers the opportunity to feel a little more of the consequences produced by behaving like a video game character. Like, in Hotline Miami, I felt like a horrible horrible person, which is a story angle that a lot of video games up til now hadn't really tried with. I know that's not the first or best example, but it's fresh in my memory and relatively spoiler free.

My point is, sexism or no, it's not great playing the same chiseled beefed up killing machine "hero" in every single game. It's been really refreshing playing a lot of these narrative driven games and feeling like I can actually get a little closer to "buying" a character's premise. I mean, there's always room for big dumb fun murder simulators and shit like that, I mean, we're still playing video games here, and it's fun, but I like where this industry is headed, I think.

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@finaldasa: No problem, and not to be misunderstood, I think the game is great, and I like the characters, but, you know.

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@finaldasa: It's definitely a more serious game along the lines of GTA IV,

but if you ask me there are some moments in the game that make it very hard to suspend your disbelief or even to take certain characters seriously at all. I know it's a GTA game and all, I'm not referring to wasting like 20 guys while escaping a building, I'm just talking writing and motivation-wise, certain characters make me scratch my head. (and that's not a good thing). But what do I know.