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good to see you giving what you won't use sadly i own all those games and the ones i don't I'm not interested in owning to continue not playing them... but good on you friend

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@xyzygy said:

I don't care who was right and who was wrong in this; I am not touching Oculus as long as Facebook owns it. I will gladly wait until a company that doesn't own and share the information of billions of people comes out with its version.

But the idea behind facebook is that its users all willingly share their own information so your statement doesn't really seem valid. To not support a product that will probably be a turning point in video games for such a reason is really disturbing and its frustrating that you arent the only person who holds such a view

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Bought it used, returned it for BF4 best decision of this generation. Worst decision? buying a ps4 so early. absolutely no games out for it but i shouldve known that

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PSN: Polyester-P1MP

Timezone: Central US

Launch Games: PS+, Call of Duty

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Never release the Wii U... too late.

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Its robin sparkles 4 y'all!

I'm short 8 posts :-( if it isn't a thing could I get super hexagon pweeze?

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First key goes for the first person to respond to this post with my Xbox Live Account name.

Second key goes to the person who responds to this post with my PSN account name.

Third key goes to the person who responds to this post with my Steam account name.

ready? Set? GOOOO!!!!!!!

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wow still havent won a thing :-( im so unlucky at drawings

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@OfficeGamer said:

But what gave you that false impression about Skyrim? What made you think it was short or whatever you had against it?

it was the cocaine. i hear its a helluva drug

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Im in the boat with Yes I support it... People say its inhumane and whatnot but what part of war is humane? If I know you know pertinent information and you refuse to tell me and that information can save lives of my countrymen then you gotta get it my friend. Harsh but necessary. Like mercy killing.