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I'm low on funds,
so I don't have a current-gen system
therefore, I don't get to play new games easily. 
1/3/2011: It's been years since I made this profile and I STILL don't have any current gen systems so I don't post on here much...

video games
and more music

Music that I like(the Favorites anyway):
I used to have actual artists here, but now I've realized I love listening to and talking about music so much it's pointless to try and quantify it here. Start up a conversation, I AIN'T ASCARED OF YOU.
I'm currently a Math major at Arizona State University. I know, I'm in it for the BIG BUCKS.

I play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Saxophone, French Horn, and Clarinet
like most musicians I'd love to be able to get paid to compose
but let's get realistic, shall we?
Following another interest stereotype, I'd love to work in the video game industry...hopefully I'd get in a position where I could be interviewed by the Giant Bomb guys....that'd be the shit.

"If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would've said, 'a faster horse.'"-Henry Ford

I'll add more later.