What's with all the hate?

"Oh great...more of the same." You mean more of the same GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption? So another game of the year contender? I'M HEARTBROKEN.

I think these people hating on it have forgotten where they come from. They've forgotten the fact that GTA 3 changed the fucking WORLD 10 years ago. They've forgotten that San Andreas changed and consumed many of our lives. They've forgotten Rockstar is a company which could shit in a toilet and change things as we know it. GTA 4 and RDR were both games which I thought were a little boring after a point; open worlds only entertain me for so long. However, with both games I've thought back about a year later and realized, "Hot damn...that was fantastic!"

Can anyone honestly tell me they aren't excited about the viral marketing this entails?

The soundtrack?

The mainstream media reaction?

The killing of innocents with EVEN BETTER GRAPHICS AND ENGINE!?

I hate to break it to you, but the internet needs to get over themselves and just allow themselves to enjoy something.

I'm excited. Period.


So it looks like another 3 years of Horde.

I fucking love Gears, let's state that. Don't you dare question this fact. Then this week came...

Alpha mode....the bane of my existence.

"The SOS ruined Gears." Why? Because now you can't win so freely by only using the gnasher?

This new mode is completely DOMINATED by the people who are fucking AMAZING at Gears. The problem is, someone who enjoys the idea of every weapon being a pick-up but ISN'T amazing, like me, has NO chance. Losing isn't fun...let's not even start on getting ass raped.

On the other hand now TDM is dominated by idiots. I do not enjoy having an enemy running into our spawn right as my protection is running out and dying.

But you know what's really, truly sickening? Epic is considering making Alpha a permanent mode. Is it POSSIBLE? No, it's certain. All of these menstruating girls who call themselves my fellow Gears freaks love their Gears 1 (which is a steaming hunk of shit FIVE YEARS LATER, GUYS) so much Alpha will become permanent, the fan base will be divided, and Gears 3 will die. Now it's time to kill a bunch of enemies by myself or struggle to get more than 2 kills with 4 other people.

Thanks, Epic....I thought you were better than capitulation.


Ah, a (technically)new site, a (technically) new start.

So Giant Bomb has launched here, and it looks like it's going kickassedly before the first week is even over. I myself just submitted my first significant edit of the Banjo-Kazooie page and am giddy and fearful in the anticipation of its approval or rejection(hopefully it'll be approved, or I might give up on the editing haha).

As with (what is probably) a grip o' fools on this site, I started being a fan of the boys(Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and Vinny) back in their Gamespot days and after a couple of months of distress behind finding a new site I found out about Giant Bomb. A bunch of cheesy story later and here I am posting my first blog on this site! I figure this doesn't mean much as I'm not the type to add random people so therefore my only current friend, whom I assume is the only person(if he wasn't one of da foos runnin' dis joint) to have a reason to read this, is Jeff.

It's been quite a while since I was in a position that allowed me to talk about video games as if I was in the know, but I thank the guys at Giant Bomb to allow me to submit info in an attempt to regain my high status.

I'm going to end on that stupid little note there because this is, if you haven't heard, my first blog here......and because I think it's about time I put up an "about me" section.

also, if you haven't seen The Dark Knight, do it.