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"Rock Paper Shotgun--his words--and his complete (and somewhat deliberate) misunderstanding of the concept of Feminism (being supposedly more about pursuing Women’s interests above male's, as opposed to actually being about equality for both genders)."

Magic Mike exists. Ryan Gosling is hugely popular.

On another unrelated note, Taylor Lautner rarely wears a shirt in a twilight film. They even joke about this.

This shit will matter when I can talk to a female about video games and the average response won't be condescending.

WAIT....no, it still won't matter then.

Why? Video games are just people making products.

Sometimes you have to pander to sell a product.

The question is whether I'm referring to the statue or this article.


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I come to GB exclusively for the personalities. If they never did a formal review of another game/game of the year I wouldn't mind. The wiki is what makes them interesting so I wish the encyclopedia bombastica would be their focus, not another review site. Bills are bills doe. Love to them and all that.

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"Who looks at a Facebook app where you can call people out for their regrettable genitalia (among other insulting things) and threaten them with (fictional) murder, and says, "Yes! This is the direction our marketing campaign needs!"

Actually, what Alex originally wrote was, "Who looks at shit on the internet and takes offense?" but he had to change it when he realized people who care about marketing are the same people who use facebook apps....or facebook in general.

You guys means to tell me friends insult each other? You also mean to tell me facebook friendships aren't personal enough to warrant this type of thing?

....and are you really telling me you didn't find it funny when you read it?

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I miss Ryan's small talk with Sara.......just sayin'

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I agree, it's time related. I was playing some 35 respawn TDM and got it every time. I really enjoy its presence. That map in general makes me very happy.

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I will admit I'm kinda taken aback by the expectation of San Fierro and Las Venturas returning. Here's a secret: Los Angeles is a huge city. It's been 6 years, Rockstar could easily make a huge game out of that city alone.

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@Intro: GOD having everything be a pick up is AMAZING. DAMN LANCER AND GNASHER BEING SO GOOD.

I don't think it's necessarily the mode's fault. I think it's mainly the vets seeing this as their chances to play some good ol' wallbouncing online. Hopefully Epic will make other modes with normal pick-ups.

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@Intro: I'm all for them doing things for the community, I just don't like how this divides the players. At first people complained Gears was only about the shotguns. You could argue it wasn't THAT bad because plenty of vets could run circles around the SOS with the gnasher. Now you have a choice: Play TDM and have it be all about the SOS, or play Alpha and have it be all about the gnasher.

I think their weekend playlists are cool, despite the fact I don't play most of of them for more than a match. Call me crazy for wanting to use more than 2 weapons.

I'm not happy with Epic's capitulation. HOWEVER, I do think some of Alpha's changes are really cool. I like weapons being pick-ups and spawning after pick-up rather than after use. That's great; makes it feel more like an old-school shooter. I just which you didn't spawn with the only two weapons you need.

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I mean, I understand Azura is essentially highway so there can on be so much.

But BY GOD if Rustlung doesn't make me happy because it feels STRAIGHT out of an Unreal game. I need to tell this to people!

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What's with all the hate?

"Oh great...more of the same." You mean more of the same GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption? So another game of the year contender? I'M HEARTBROKEN.

I think these people hating on it have forgotten where they come from. They've forgotten the fact that GTA 3 changed the fucking WORLD 10 years ago. They've forgotten that San Andreas changed and consumed many of our lives. They've forgotten Rockstar is a company which could shit in a toilet and change things as we know it. GTA 4 and RDR were both games which I thought were a little boring after a point; open worlds only entertain me for so long. However, with both games I've thought back about a year later and realized, "Hot damn...that was fantastic!"

Can anyone honestly tell me they aren't excited about the viral marketing this entails?

The soundtrack?

The mainstream media reaction?

The killing of innocents with EVEN BETTER GRAPHICS AND ENGINE!?

I hate to break it to you, but the internet needs to get over themselves and just allow themselves to enjoy something.

I'm excited. Period.