Achievement sync complete.

The achievement feature is pretty amazing. Having the ability to track my achievements with a grading progression system is my new found hotness.

Thanks again to the GB crew for creating this truly killer feature.


Forza 4 LCE anticipation.

The Forza series from Microsoft Game Studios and Turn 10 Developers has been a long and Im sure to say successful franchise for the Xbox devout. From the moment the series stepped on the scene they were always meant to go toe-toe with Polyphony Digital's Gran Turisomo series. I never had a PSX or PS2 growing up so the GT series has remained off my radar. Forza however, has been in my constant rotation since the first outing. Turn 10 has delivered some very exciting race experiences for fans, sticking with a true racing simulation that has some parts arcade experience, therefore not to scare away anyone who may be curious with the series.

But all of this concludes today in Forza 4, MGS latest entry in the series which promises more cars, more tracks (with some we have already been playing for years!) and greater online functionality (which I am most excited for). I know that its hard to always keep improving a game that focuses you to stay on a specific guideline or track, but I feel that the online component is a place where this game can truly shine. The Rivals system and the ability to earn credits regardless of MP or SP races is a welcome relief. I wish more games were able to do this. The graphics look great but not revolutionary by any means. The Kinect integration has me curious, but again Im sure it will be more a throw away feature than something that is genuinely truly needed to win races.

Forza 4 looks ready to deliver exciting races, I hope the Purolator man hurries up and gets it to my door in a safe but timely fashion!