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I got the game yesterday but didn't play it because the patch was not live. I booted it up today thinking it would be but it still isn't and I know it is on ps4, as far as I know their is no way to manually check for game patches on xbox one so does anybody know when it might go up?

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I'm really glad I saw this.

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@john1912: thanks, you have put my mind at ease.

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@finaldasa: yeah it's defiantly not normal. I'll call the shop I got it from tomorrow and they will replace it, I'm just nervous that they will say that because it still works they won't replace it.

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Tonight my xbox one started making a grinding noise whenever I insert or eject a disc, it still reads discs fine though. It has been perfectly fine before now, it has not been moved since I bought it and it has plenty of ventilation. What do you guys recommend?

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@barfqueen: He sounds very immature, I find it very hard to believe that he loves you and it sounds like he is just using you. I apologise if that sounds harsh. My advice would be to end it now because you deserve someone who will treat you with respect.

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I think some of the things I have overcome in my life and how well I manage living with my disability make me a smashing success.

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It has metal gear in the title so I would buy it no matter what, but I found it for £23 which is a bonus.

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I decided to quit smoking too, I'm only on my second day but it's going better than any other attempt, I think it's because this time I'm quitting for myself. There may be things I enjoy about smoking but there are more things I despise about it. I'm quitting cold turkey and I know I can do it.

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I'm playing on ps4 and when I boot up the game, if I'm signed. Into psn the game will freeze for about 20 seconds and then unfreeze. It has also caused my console to lock up once. If I sign out of psn everything is fine, I have tried downloading the game again but it did nothing. Can anyone help?