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@burgavo: I'm really glad the consensus seems to be go in blind because even though it might sound strange, the thought of having to constantly stop and look things up is way more intimidating to me than just figuring it out.

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@paulmako: Thanks for the advice, I'm really excited to jump in. i think the game looks fantastic and I have never played a game like this before so I'm curious to see what it's all about. I will definitely report back after I have played a few hours.

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@zevvion: Yeah I'm in the UK. It's been preloaded on my PS4 for two days taunting me! Thank you, that's really good advice. I don't mind taking my time with the game because I think it looks fantastic and I have heard people talk about how rewarding the souls games can be.

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And I'm really excited to play Bloodborne when it unlocks at midnight tonight. My question is, because of the obtuse nature of these games and the fact that they don't give you much direction with what you need to be doing, will I be okay just going in blind and not using a guide? Because that's what I want to do but I'm wondering if I should be using FAQ's and talking to people about different tactics and getting hints etc.

Any help would be appreciated duders!

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@therealnelsk: I have no idea if this will do anything but I saw some people saying that rebuilding the PS4's database helps.

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@gunstarred: having just finished the game 2 minutes ago, I could not agree with you more!

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@honkalot: Wesley's theory, U and the blacker the berry are the stand out tracks for me.

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I was really excited when I woke up and got an email telling me my iTunes preorder was ready. When I first started listening to it I was unsure because it sounded so different to what I expected, but I'm now on my second listen and I love it.

I think it's brilliant that he decided to go in a completely different direction with this album when he could have just played it safe.

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@sunbrozak: wow, well done. I just finished that level tonight, it took me an hour and six minutes. However the level straight after took me an hour and 37 minutes. The game is brutal and I can't stop playing.

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I definitely did not master the first game but I loved it. I'm on scene 11 in 2 right now and I'm really loving it, I'm pleasantly surprised at how different game is from the original. I also think the soundtrack is far better than the first.