I had a game idea a while back I thought was pretty golden. There's no title for it, but you play as Edgar Allen Poe. Each level is a different party starting from a small get-together ranging to a large like Mardi Gras town party. In each stage, your task is to infect as many people with 'the consumption' as possible. Your only actions would be movement and coughing. You would need to cough in areas with large amounts of people to gain more points. Each time you cough you have a timer appear sorta like walking off your board on THUG and above. Each time you cough afterwards it'll stall that timer. Eventually, you'll reach a certain number of victims chained to reach the next multiplier and the timer will refill, which, of course, it'll become harder and harder to get a higher multiplier. You're limited only by our health bar. Everytime you cough, you lose some health. After a while, if you still have people to infect and your health is getting low, you go into a desperation mode where you start coughing blood up. That causes your cough's infection area to become bigger and allowing you to chain more victims. Between stages, there's a minigame where you have sex with your 13 year old cousin-wife. That minigame was a joke, but the rest I truly think could work as a game.


I gotta say...

I think this speaks for itself.
The exclusiveness... I mean it's on the west coast, so away from me in Kentucky. You have to be one of the few 5,000-ish people who get an invite or in the industry to actually be there and anybody who even tries to captivate the excitement through a camera usually does a horrible job. It's cool that it's that prolific, but I'd like to see it when my own eyes at least once. You know before it dies horrible in the future. Like it's almost done in the past. Honestly, instead of a live feed, I'd like to wait a bit and wait till someone releases a polished product.


Duke, you've been banished.

Duke will never interact with humans again.
No. I don't think it'll ever be released. I've thought that even since I had some gaming magazine (not sure what it was anymore) back in like late 90's-early 2000's that said Duke Nukem Forever was slated to release in 2022. I honestly think 3D Realms should just give up. I doubt that many Duke Nukem fans that are still holding out. Anyways, the idea of releasing a sort of documentary movie/game release would be interesting. With commentary from a lot of the developers and multiple builds of the game. Just so every can know what it might've been and what the hell went wrong.