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This game actually looks fun. Maybe it's because it has everything 14 year old me wants...which is everything current me wants...

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I just want to play online again. :U

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@Toxic said:
" God damn u.s. only... :( "
U! S! A! U! S! A!    \m/ and such
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Everything's showing up fine for me, but it seems like they're in reverse order when I sort by 'recently played'. Maybe just a first day thing. Either way, not really a big deal.

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@KaosAngel said:
" @Poohkey said:
" Buy a japanese PS3 and import rare fighting games. :I "
Or...just import the game...considering there's no region lock for PS3 and PSP... "
oops...i meant ps2...import a ps2 :I
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Buy a japanese PS3 and import rare fighting games. :I

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@JeffGoldblum: Not selling. More seeing if anybody would actually and if I could. Didn't think so.
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@KaosAngel said:
" Dude...MB just locked your thread...he's going to lock this one too.   It's best not to piss him off...and he gets annoyed when people post the same locked topic...it's worse if it's the same user. "
I don't really care. I got what I wanted out of this. Information on the legality of this is hard to find unless you read through the terms of service which probably states I can't redistribute xbox live stuff. So I'm gonna go on a limb and says it's illegal. Good experiment. :I
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@kingchris28 said:
" wow, 1500 bucks on DLC, that's probably more than I've spent on all games and consoles for my entire life. "
I regret most of it :I
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Yeah silly me didn't think about that.