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I quite enjoyed the Myst Reader. It contains three separate novels about the Myst universe. Its a pretty easy read, but gives a ton of interesting information about the D'ni and their civilization.

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Good on Giant Bomb to remind people that the whole 12 Days of Christmas thing actually means 12 days.

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Winner: LA Noire

Runner-up: RAGE

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Winner: 12 hour Skyrim Marathon with Greg Kasavin

Runner-up: Random PC Game: Police Quest: SWAT

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Winner: Bastion

Runner-up: Portal 2

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Terraria is great for co-op play. Also, you only have to wait a few more months (hopefully) for Diablo 3.

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I'm currently 25 and my dad said I was on a computer by the time I was around 2 and a half years old. My earliest gaming memories:

The Castle of Dr. Brain (released when I was 5): I remember spending entire mornings playing though this over and over.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate (released when I was 6)

Magic Carpet (released when I was 8)

I know we had a Colecovision console with games like Ladybug (Pac-man rip off), but the memories from the PC games are far clearer.

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Winner: Bastion

Runner-up: Terraria

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Winner: Peer Review (Portal 2)

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Winner: Portal 2

Runner-up: Terraria