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She's more of a vehicle...

Heck yeah she is!

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I like that Phil Fish essay. I like Fez, it's a fucking awesome video game. I like the end of the essay, it kind of ends into nothingness.

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Last episode of the season is coming up. I wonder if the next book will be out by the time the next season airs, fingers crossed.

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Teletext is still a thing in Romania :D

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Zombie breathing intensifies!

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Han Solo whispers "shoot that guy"

Thread should have ended there.

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Building the New York Bomb. I'm happy and sad at the same time, can't wait to see the new people, I kind of hope it's Kessler, I like that dude.

I'm sure all will turn out great, these guys know what they're doing. I know people don't like change, neither do I but we gotta support these guys in whatever world domination plan they have. So good luck duders, make the site better than ever!

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I bet Kinect 5 will be great. It will probably be a VR headset by then :D

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I think he broke up with his significant other because he was playing Dark Souls 2.

He also says a couple of times that you learn all this information that is pointless, like how mobs attack and boss tells and all that kind of stuff. What's the point of knowing all that stuff? Because it's like any other piece of entertainment that you like, I think it's cool that I know where all the monsters are in a certain zone, is this information useless in any other place than this game? Yes. Do I care? No, because I like it, and I want to know all it's dirty secrets.

He's like my non-gamer friends that say stuff like "Why do you fill your brain with all that useless information?" and my answer is always "Because I like it. What do you fill your brain with?" and they just shrug, and say something like "I don't know, important stuff"