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I couldn't finish it, my eyes started hurting :D

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When he got the glitch where the rock falls and pushes him really fast on the first try, I was like holy fucking shit!! That thing is so random.

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I think that might be the greatest interview I've ever read.

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Oh, so he's working on PaRappa vs Vibri?

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Damn it, on the morning show Alex thought Cliffy B would do something other than a shooter, and I thought he might be right, well crap. Arena shooter yay! Where's Jazz Jackrabbit damn it!

Well honestly, I don't think I want Jazz Jackrabbit, I mean they were okay games, nothing mind blowing though.

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<3 Patrick!

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Hang on, I need to finish last week's bombcast. Just 40 more minutes and I'm gonna listen to this week's podcast. Can't wait!!

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@hailinel said:

She's more of a vehicle...

Heck yeah she is!

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I like that Phil Fish essay. I like Fez, it's a fucking awesome video game. I like the end of the essay, it kind of ends into nothingness.

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Last episode of the season is coming up. I wonder if the next book will be out by the time the next season airs, fingers crossed.