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Yeah so I lost about an hour's worth of progress after my game didn't save and continues not to autosave at all. The only way I can save it is manually which seems strange, is anyone else having this problem?

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Assassins creed when not playing a story mission, lots of vita games too like spelunkey and rouge legacy

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I also find wrestling incredibly boring and stupid, I'm not judging anyone who likes it that's a subjective opinion, but it would be cool if maybe they spent less time talking about it on the bombcast. But maybe I'm just being a selfish idiot hole because I guess a lot of GB users enjoy their wrestling content.

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Remembering Ryan today by watching some of the old CT endurance run it's so nice to hear his voice again, miss you Ryan.

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@scotto: After he died I watched the entire DP endurance run again, the Brad/Ryan one. It actually made me really happy to hear his voice again and I'm glad I did it. It was strangely comforting if that makes sense at all and its good to know that there's this well of Ryan content to go if i ever feel the need.

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I miss his beard.

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So I'm replaying tlou and I get to the tunnel that's supposed to be full of clickers/infected etc but the only ones there are the few infected that are huddled together in the corridor near the rooms off to the side and when i killed them Joel was all 'We've killed them all Ellie' . I tried reloading but it just restarted at the end of the tunnel. Very disappointing i was looking forward to that bit as well. Has anyone else had this or similar problems?

The first time i played the game last year i had no problems but there must be an update or something that's fucked something up. This second play-through has had a fair few bugs mainly concerning stuff just not triggering at all and then freezing, weird. Still love the game though.

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lol at everyone saying how unrealistic everything is, what do you want a gritty realistic Layton instead?

But OP if you wanna get into them start at the start with curious village, if you are committed to playing the series it'll be interesting to see how the games changed over time starting from the first one.

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This is so stupid, whether you like lps or not its still lame. Also would this affect non you tube videos such as oh i don't know an endurance run or other extended footage of games on a website that runs any kind of ads.......?