GoW3: What happens to those killed in Hades?

Was it ever explained what happens in God of War 3 when you kill those wandering people that moan and wail in Hades?  They're already dead, right?  And I, as Kratos, just killed them all over again.  Do they go to a deeper area of Hades?  Do they go to the Dante's Inferno version of Christian hell? 


E3 2010: Biggest Disappointment, biggest surprise

Not the best of the show or the worst...just the titles that I actually was able to play that caught me by surprise.
Biggest Disappointment: Mafia 2
I was so looking forward to this, ready to pre-order and everything.  After ten minutes of playing the demo 2K no longer gets my money.  After Red Dead Redemption, this type of stale gameplay will not pass.
Biggest Surprise: Splatterhouse  
Where did this come from? I had zero expectations before playing it and by all rights should have lost interest in this uninspired throwback to the PSOne in about a minute.  But this ultra gory beat-um up kept me going back to replay the demo over and over.