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Great stuff. Thank you. Quick follow up question; will horse charge get me out of a frozen state from a rare monster's frozen orb attack? That's what killed my last Crusader.

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Hi Diablo 3 experts. I'm trying to get to level 70 with a Crusader in Hard Core mode. I'm doing really poorly. Two deaths and restarts so far before even getting to level 30. I'm sticking to Normal or Hard difficulty but I just get overrun. Any tips for how to keep my Crusader alive and growing? Thanks in advance.

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Scoops with da Scoop!

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I was surprised to see that the latest Spiderman game is $10 less than the standard price of games from Activision. I loved the previous Beenox developed Spiderman games (except Edge of Time) but I'm worried that the lower price is an indication that this one will be a step back in quality. Anyone hear anything about why?

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Hi. Anyone know the 3DS download size? Want to get from eShop if it is not too large. Thanks.

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I never met Ryan but somehow I feel like someone very personal to me has been taken away.

I'm sorry this terrible thing happened to his wife and family as well as to his extended family of the Giant Bomb crew and all the fans who loved him.

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I'm new to DotA 2 (and MOBAs in general). How long do I need to spend killing bots before I go into PVP matches? I beat the bots 80% of the time on medium but I'm 0/3 on hard. Do I need to beat bots on hard all the time before venturing into real matches or should I jump in and start taking my early pummeling? Thanks in advance.

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I've watched some pro matches and Brad's daily dotas. I'm getting ok at beating up bots but I'm not sure if I'd be able to hold up my end in an actual PvP team match. Looking forward to learning more.

Steam: mcaradon

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Hello everyone,

I need to kill one more animal type to earn the inferno rounds; "mutated turtle." I don't see any icon that looks like a turtle on the map. Has anyone found where they can be found? Thanks in advance and if you haven't played FC3: BD it is way worth the $15.

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Hello. I never owned a GB or GBA. I have a shiny new $20 eShop prepaid card and I want to spend it exclusively on GB (or NES) titles on the 3DS . What do I download? Thank you!

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