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Rest in peace, Ryan.

Your work will forever be cherished and your hysterical laughter never forgotten.

Condolences to his wife, family, friends and the entire Giant Bomb crew.

God, this hurts.

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@deathswind: Non-taken and I'm perfectly calm :)

To me it would seem so cheap to just embedd the video with no text and call it a review, but that's just me.

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@deathswind: I'm trying to showcase material I've worked on with the GB community. In case you didn't notice, this is a video review and not a written one.

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So this is my (spoiler free) review of Bioshock Infinite for the PC.

I'm personally very pleased with this review, but as always, I would appreciate all form of feedback and constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that since english isn't my first language, you'll notice my swedish accent seeping through the words, but I think overall I possess solid prononciation :-).

Also, I'm not asking for views or subscribers, just feedback to help me improve these in the future -- I'm an aspiring video-game journalist and seeing how the Giant Bomb community is full of nice and well-mannered chaps, I thought sharing it here seemed like a sound idea!

Thank you and I hope you deem this video review worthwhile!

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@MonkeyMitcho said:

Great video! i have yet to play through Dishonored although after watching your video I'm excited to play through it after i finish up Red Dead.

Thanks! You should!

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@triple07 said:

Good list. I like that it wasn't a top ten and was just a list of games you enjoyed, I think that's a better format. My list of top games this year would be similar to yours but I didn't manage to play all the games on your list this year. Halo 4 Borderlands 2 and Diablo 3 are the big ones for me this year but I hope to get to Dishonored and XCOM over the Christmas break so we'll see how I feel about those later.

Thanks! Yeah, I wasn't able to play every game this year either with Journey and Assassin's Creed III being note-worthy example.

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So I made a little video where I briefly talk about my favourite games of 2012 -- this is not a "Top 10 video", no numerical order.

I'd like you guys to share your thoughts on this year in gaming. What games were the greats, which were the poor and which ones did not live up to the hype? Keep in mind that I don't own every console, so PS3 exclusives and the like are no-go for me. Also, feel free to tell me what you thought of the video, I'm personally quite happy with it.

Also, forgive my accent. I'm Swedish; deal with it! ;-)

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@dfsix999 said:

halo sucks shit and this game just looks like another generic halo game. the new enemies look retarded, like rejected bionicle figures. the only people who are looking forward to this are dumb jocks and twelve year-old kids. halo is the most overrated franchise ever made, next to call of duty. and before any of you halo bois use sales figures and high scored reviews to justify it, they mean nothing. michael bay movies make millions at the box office and critics are being payed to give high scores. i wouldn't be surprised if most halo fans were fans of transformers revenge of the fallen.

in others words, halo is for idiots with no taste or standards in video games. i know i'm right, CptBedlam would agree with cuz he's always right like me.

Your parents must be proud.
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Man, what a kunt.

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Fuck. You. Bed. Of. Chaos.