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Brad is just as good as Jeff. Would like him taking the helm more often.

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This is why i don't goto Giantbomb forums anymore. I keep returning back every 3-6 months. But its still a smoking crater of angry people. See you all in another 6 months.

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Its not my game of the year, but its a game i enjoyed this year.

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Alien: Colonial Marines aka Total: Cluster Fuck.

No need to even write about it.

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I wish the people here would not be so outrage about how we are or are not sexist and be more outrage about the fact that someone made a game about depression and she got fucking harassed to no end because she wanted more people to see it by wanting to put it on steam.

Thats asking way too much of most of these dimwits.

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Damn didn't know Jeremy Parish was doing that, too bad it didn't go through. I used to love 1UP back in the glory days of the 1UP Show and the different variations Garnnett Lee's my goddamned show.

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Late 80s early 90s Amiga 500 stuff.

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Best looking game is kind of hard, some people think that means prettiest graphics, for others its down to art direction. And in both cases there have been so many great looking games this generation.

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And speaking of cognitive dissonance, how is it any more realistic for all these letters and notes to be arranged out in a perfect order for you to uncover your family's past? For keys to be perfectly distributed so that you go from the left wing, to the second floor, to the basement, to the right wing, and then to the attic in that order? It's just as "gamey" as anything. And the basic setup of you arriving at the house at just the right time for it to be empty without immediate explanation is, frankly, contrived.

Now you're just nitpicking.

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don't do drugs OP.