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I'm not including any of the new PCs I've picked up reading through this thread:


This is Only a Test (Tested!)


This American Life (Ira Glass bugs the fuck out of me tho)

Snap Judgement (NPR Storytelling podcast)

My Brother, My Brother and Me (McElroy brother's advice/comedy cast)

Idle Thumbs

Indoor Kids

Interview Dumptruck

Dota Today

Dota On Demand

Dota Insight


Men in Blazers (Soccer)

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Is this going to happen again? I'd love to get in on the next one.

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whats with all these naysayers? this TNT is going to be fuckin bonkers!

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Locale: US West

Experience: Shitty but not quite noob.

Roles: Support, (sometimes) carry.

Lets do this.

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Please see:


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I really enjoy this album. I'm not even a Jay-Z fan, but man does this go.

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5 shots for harlem shake (in any format, song, video, etc...)

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@WMoyer83 said:

If you would have told me 8 years ago that Curt Schilling would have bankrupted the state of Rhode Island by developing a video game I would have called you a madman.

Haha very true.

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Dale Gribble..... er. Rusty Shacklford

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