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I was watching Vinny's Pizza Party live on my ios device last night. When I returned to my browser window this morning and hit back I noticed that my profile picture was different. Then I noticed it was not my profile but a profile called "skateandordie". The last msg on the account was something like "Did I hack your account?" I logged out, logged into my actual account and immediately changed my pass. So far nothing seems to have been changed on my account, but how did I get logged into skateandordie?

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Yuteru on 360 GLHB

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*Update* Solved. Dump Podcaster, get Downcast.

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I've been trying to add a video subscriber feed to Podcaster 4 with no luck. When I enter my credentials it does not recognize me and asks me again. I have using both my username and email add as a username. The feed does work through itunes but I don't want to have to sync every time there is new content. I'm using an iphone 4s, ios 5.1, and Podcaster 4. Pleas help.

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Steam ID: Yuteru


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NFS: Hot Pursuit, Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood, Little Big Planet 2

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GRAW: Licoln Force

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Lincolns saves sequels. List which sequels you think the addition of Abraham Lincoln will enhance.  
Assassin's Creed 3: White House, Black Hats.

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Only Lincoln can defeat Lincoln.

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I'll wait a few months to see if it has any "issues".