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after watch the giant bomb crew get into Windjammers and play some Sanrio World Smash Ball I was wondering if there's many other games in this vein? fun 2-player sports games invented by the developers, rather than them being simulations of pre-existing games. maybe Tetris Battle Gaiden counts too

I recently got my hands on Inazuma Serve Da!! Super Beach Volley and Honoo no Doukyuuji - Dodge Danpei and thought they were both pretty fun, though the latter has way too much text which I bet is great if you're fluent in Japanese

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this is heartbreaking for me, i love both games for entirely different reasons. spelunky is so perfectly designed and i don't see myself ever not playing it for at least an hour every day for the foreseeable future at least. dark souls is such a weird game but i've probably had better with experiences with it just down to the nature of what the game sets out to be from the start. so i don't really think it's fair putting these games against each other, and i think spelunky is better designed overall but i'm voting for dark souls

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The only other thing I can think of is try it with the component cable?

yeah that's what I thought, I bought some today and it didn't work. I guess not a total waste since now all my games look better

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when you boot up project zero 2, it tells you that the game HAS to run in either 480i or 480p to even function, then it kicks you back to the wii menu. I thought I could just go back to the wii u menu, change the resolution there to 480p and boot up VWii again and have it work, but got the same prompt, so I guess VWii doesnt adhere to any display changes you make on the Wii U? this is such an edge case but does anyone have any insights as to what I can do here? otherwise I just straight up can't play this game, since my Wii is in another country right now

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since I updated to mavericks I haven't been able to launch any games i've bought from GOG. the icons bounce in the dock for about a minute and then advise me to trash the program because the file is damaged. had the same thing with a few other games, like castles in the sky. anybody else had this problem, and/or know how to solve it? really wanna play system shock 2 and alpha centauri...

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here's a neat article about emergent narrative that i think is worth reading

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so i just recently transferred all of my wii stuff to my wii u, including my virtual console games, but I realised I only have a gamecube controller to play those games with, and obviously there's no gamecube controller support in a wii u - is the only option a wii classic controller? I'm guessing a wii u pro controller won't work?

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hard to say since i've already changed a bunch of times. started with shoals, feel like she's a good character to start with with decent air control but i think she's too slow to go up against anybody really good. constantly messing with dive and kick, probably prefer kick of the two, he's a good safe character for if you're unsure of the match-up. more recently tho i've really been liking kung pao with the kick gem, i find myself barely diving with her, only really to punish big mistakes from long range. her kickback into her kick has pretty good range and is so low and fast it's hard to punish compared to a lot of kicks. it's super effective against steep angles. i'm still finding my way around the game though so i'm open to trying other characters with different gems

i'm using my madcatz stick i use for all my fighting games, using bottom left and bottom right buttons

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i'm in. can't wait!

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