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Double major in History and Political Science. Want to go on to do Masters in Journalism and work in... journalism

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This whole "I can blend into the crowd with my fancy ass assassins robe" thing is becoming increasingly less practical.

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still liking that old rumour about the French Revolution. I guess this is at least a revolution.

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Not an American here, but I think that people who doesn't take the time to vote do not deserve to complain. Is the US system of governance perfect? Not at all, there are no perfect systems out there. Obviously the two party system does not give Americans a lot of choices, but I don't really hear anyone proposing another system. Continue to ignore politics, however repulsive it can get, means the same ol' politicians will continue to win. Or America can go Ancient Greek style with a modern twist (universay suffrage) and do direct democracy. Good luck getting things sorted out between 308 million poeple (not all eligable voters obviously, but I don't want to do the research).

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ah man, I like baseball. i guess I'll just go to hell

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there are a number of problems facing the USSR economy, which included the arms race. Mikhail Gorbachev certainly tried to reform the system, but it resulted in the collapse of the country.

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give my profile a boost as well

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@BooDoug187 said:
" Little Big Planet... without the sackboy. "
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another God of War, not my type of game but a lot of people like it

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Saving Private Ryan is fantastic as many have mentioned 
actually it depends on what the definition is. Life is Beautiful as Omgyiyja said is pretty awesome, but then you gotta throw in things like Schindler's List

and Pearl Harbor.... joke joke

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