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RIP Ryan, you were always the guy who could make me laugh! =(

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Yup that counts.

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Love all your posts.

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Omg sniper wolf, I remember her. That was pretty sad too. That reminds me I have the digital version of MGS1 on PS3, I need to replay it.

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By cry, it could be eyes got really watery. It doesn't have to mean you bawled your eyes out!

Mine was in Lost Odyssey and it wasn't a cutscene or anything either. It was the short stories that had emotional music and white text on a black background! Also the end of disc 1 was really emotional as well.

SPOILERS in the thread, be forewarned!

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Ha, love this thread. Interesting to see all the data!

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I enjoy 360 exclusives such as the Halo, Gears and Forza series. Also love the exclusive XBLA stuff. 360 is still selling well and LIVE is still super active.

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Bugged for me as well. Achievements aren't being updated after the initial sync. I've had to remove my gamertag and add it again to even get it updated.