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Sorry to hear that, Rest up and hope to see you soon.

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code: 0216-0832-1664

Name: Potango

version: X

fine with PM/Table

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i would like to join, i just got to Level 11. my Name is Potango Tangus.

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I never thought something like this would hit me so hard. I will miss Ryan.

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try going after the smaller stuff to get used to the controls. look for something slow moving and just work on killing it before it runs away.

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My first try at making a emblem

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I would like to join

my in game name is Potango

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backup your ps3.

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A true fan likes what they like and doesn't care if others don't.

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Not sure if everyone knew this or not but i didnt and got hacked for it.

this was in a Customer Service ticket i got back

"The Dial-In authenticator only protects your World of Warcraft account and Battle.net account management page. It does not work for

Diablo III or Starcraft 2 accounts, by design. To help protect your account, we recommend following our Account Security Checklist:


Let me know if you have any further questions.


Brandon D.

Customer Services

Blizzard Entertainment