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I'm having the same problem here. Also, any new lists I create are just empty. Tried Chrome and IE.

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Just wanted to say: what the fuck? Zombies aren't sexy... who would buy this shit?

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GPGPU? that's been a load of hot air on the PC for years!

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Awww, lame.

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This reminds me of when borders went into administration. It's a real shame for all involved, but it just shows that the world's moving away from brick and mortar. I buy all my games from a combination of Steam and Amazon now so no big loss for me really.

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Hardly surprising.

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The 3DS dont look so bad now.. LoL
I don't think League of Legends is announced on either system. Would be interesting though!

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This is insane! But at the same time, I'm not complaining. Being a huge fan of the continued support that Valve gives their games, so I do like that other people are doing the same. 
Now, if we could just have a few of the prophecy improvements filtered into the 360 version... than I'd be a happy guy.

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I love Wind Waker - it's still my favourite Zelda game. I just wish it was in HD... oh, and if they could sort out the camera while they do that, that would be great too. Man, I don't know how people put up with camera controls in 2003...