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Updated the handle some changes the GB has made to their infra. Not sure if anyone is using this, but feel free to grab the latest from github. Cheers!


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Seconding this issue. Resume after pressing back, or play from start both do nothing. Additionally, after a failed attempt, no other videos can be played without restarting the application.

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Absolutely it does. You will of course need to authenticate with the GB server in order to get HD videos, but as long as you are a premium member you will be allowed to.


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It's been long overdue since I actually wrote this a ways back. I don't know if anybody would find this useful, but I created a pretty simple script written in Perl that will get the latest videos from any of the feeds for any quality type. I've posted it up at http://www.imadethatcow.com/Development/gb_downloader.tar.gz

This is a handy script that can be used in a cron job for grabbing the latest videos on a regular basis. It will not re-download anything you've already downloaded (provided you do not move the video from it's original location). Use --help to find out all the options for running it.

Send me a PM or reply to this topic if you have any questions!


edit: Latest version can be found here https://github.com/poweld/development/tree/master/perl/gb/gb.pl

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Sorry for the late reply, but yes, using the API was a success. PM me if you'd like me to share any information or code with you!

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Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the team is too concerned with this issue. I do realize now that a more reliable way to achieve the same results is to authenticate and then use the API to retrieve the download URLs instead of the RSS feeds, but it's going to take another afternoon of work to re-do my scripts. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend! Still baffles me as to how iTunes manages to get the latest information on occasion...

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A quick bump with new info:

I checked the trace when iTunes refreshes, and compared the XML data it retrieved to the XML my script received. Both are the same and about a year out of date.

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Hi GB engies/community members,

Using iTunes to download my videos and then a script to transfer them to my media server was bumming me out, so I decided to write a shell script that will run on *nix and OSX to grab the videos directly. I managed to get authenticated and retrieve the XML files with the temporary tokens for downloading. I thought I'd achieved success, until I realized that the videos it was grabbing were old. LIke, a year+ old.

Checking the link (e.g. http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/feed/hd/3/) through my browser revealed the same thing - the videos are old. Somehow, though, my iTunes client is still updating with the latest videos. The date on my machine is current. Any ideas?


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Yeah, I'm also experiencing the same thing.  Some videos will show up, some won't, and some that are on the list can't be downloaded.

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Vinny finally gets a fist to the face after saying something about his "fine camera work" with Ryan's sister last night.

We all saw it coming.

(Feel better buddy, drink some water and take some aspirin)