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You put too much thought into this.

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1) Quite a bit. Regardless of what format you play, if you're playing competitively, you're making an investment.
2) I don't follow the meta-game much anymore, but blocks and core sets cycle faster than you'd like sometimes (in standard at least), leading to the scenarios you mentioned.
3) I have no idea.
4) Yes. I've collected other card games in the past, but I've yet to come across one that does art and lore as well as Magic. If that's not your thing, well, buy some anyways. It's a great system, and it has some flaws, but what doesn't?

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The only reason people seem less retarded in the forums is because they don't have as much pressure to spew their garbage. With slightly more time to think through what they're posting, a small degree of eloquence is achievable.

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Only come here for the Bombcast, really.
Like @Zero_  said, more dumb, off-the-cuff bullshit would be pretty cool.

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Holy shit, don't get me fucking started on those self-professed Juggalos that ingest ICP and that "culture" as a way of life. I swear to christ: knowing these people exist and act in a completely non-ironic state is goddamn disturbing in the truest sense of the word. Gas the whole motherfucking lot of 'em.

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Well according to Wikipedia Rose Funeral fall under deathcore. Completely justified then

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Good job man. Beautiful song, well played.

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@Jeffsekai: Good job misspelling 1000 words in one post. I am clearly superior to you in every way possible. n00b
Oh, and congratulations OP on raising your worthiness as a human at least tenfold.
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@Rallier: ty :3
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Thanks for reminding me about not being able to beat the final boss in GII. Fuck that game.