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Isn't Ryan in charge of shirts now?

Ryan Davis, Lord of Shirts. OBE.

You added an extra 'r'.

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I'd be in favour of new consoles if they offer something more than just slightly improved graphics on this current generation. If not, I'd be quite happy sticking with my 360 for a few more years.

I don't really see how consumer demand will be able to match the level it was at for the 360 launch - the global economy is as bad as ever, and many people simply don't have the spare cash to splurge on console hardware.

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Boos taught me that I would always want some more rye.

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I think that digital distribution makes much more sense on the PC, because it is still open to competition which in turn has the effect of driving down prices. On consoles you are restricted to solely buying games from the console manufacturer, which means that they can (and often do) charge an inflated price for their games.

That said, I love the convenience of digital distribution (even on consoles) and buy a large proportion of my games this way.

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I always used to stand still because I'm never usually in a rush. However I was forced to make use of the subway to get to work, and quickly realised that walking on escalators was one of the quickest ways to escape that commuting hellhole.

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I was arrested for making love against the evils. Be cautious.

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I'm not American, but if I were given the option of voting I'd pick Obama. Despite the fact that he hasn't achieved very much during his presidency, I doubt that anybody else would have been able to do a better job (bearing in mind factors such as the poor global economy and the sheer political opposition he has had to face). I believe that given a bit more time he'll be able to make some positive changes.

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My major was Law. But I have made the decision not to pursue a legal career for various convoluted reasons.

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Lots of negativity in these comments which is a bit disappointing. Personally I think that this console is a great idea, trying something new and innovative, and putting more power into the hands of the ordinary gamer.

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I watched through it quite recently as well. It definitely lived up to the hype, there was some great acting and interesting characters. I also liked how each season focused upon a different aspect of Baltimore society; be it the shipping industry or the school system. I thought that Season 3 was a bit slow and repetitive, but all of the others were amazing.