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Still completely surreal and hard to believe. RIP Ryan Davis.

One of my all time favorite Ryan moments (jump to 1:45:10):

Come Sail Away TNT

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@abendlaender: If they didn't close Maxis after Spore, they're not going to close Maxis now.

You're forgetting a little game they're milking to death called The Sims 3. Get your $419.83 DLC bundle today!

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My thoughts exactly, Hollywood and company need to stay the fuck away from the games industry, unless it's truly to the benefit of the content.

Anytime there is bleed over, film industry people should be treated as humbled guests when collaborating on game content and not some fucking savior or star that is going to show us how to do it right.

I really hope this doesn't become a reality, I prefer Valve's Meet the Team series 10 to 1 over any of today's Hollywood dribble. Now if we were talking about 80s-90s Hollywood that might be different.

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@sarahsdad said:

Was really starting to wonder if my immediate family and I were the only ones who thought that the main link in most of these cases was poor parenting.

Bingo! Seriously parents are completely absolved of any responsibilities in these cases. It's very convenient for parents to say they have no control or influence over their kids when things go badly, but when their kids succeed, they'll be sure to take as much credit as possible.

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@Sjupp: I didn't mean to be "that guy", I just thought this game would make for an interesting BB. But I guess everyone else posts these types of threads thinking the same thing.

My bad.

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I just started playing this game and it seems like it would be a perfect fit for the Breaking Brad format. Lots of repeatable gameplay with just enough randomization and a quick restart after death.

I'm sure this game gets devilishly hard in the later levels.

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Psygnosis has a special place in my heart. It's synonymous with the Amiga for me. I always loved seeing that logo popup as Lemmings was booting up.


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I'm guessing that this move to a standalone version means that it'll make the jump to the updated engine for ARMA 3.

ARMA II on it's own is amazing, but DayZ feels really janky and unresponsive since it's using the engine in a way that it was not intended for. I can't wait to see DayZ at it's full potential.

Also, that'll put a stop to people buying a full blown military simulator just to play a mod, and then complaining non-stop when they can't be bothered to learn how the ARMA controls, and systems work.

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@Allison: Good to know...

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