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This was a great farewell article but this news is still a bummer. I was hoping that you would join GBeast sometime in the future.

The first time I was introduced to you was on a day long SNES live show. You were constantly playing air guitar/bass along to the music. It was a perfect representation of the energy you would bring to GB for the years to come.

Best of luck in whatever comes next!

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Heber City, Utah, USA

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I hope they will support the app if anything needs to be fixed/updated. It's a great way to watch.

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I hope that we will see some Metal Gear Scanlon apparels in the GiantBomb store sometime in the future.

My vote would be for something based on this upload by @koobz (don't know if he's the creator or not):

Does anyone have other renders or images that would make for great shirts/hoodies?

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Not sure where the episode is. Maybe it's still getting encoded.

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@hadoken101: Oh ok, cool. Brad ended going to TI right? I wonder what content in written or podcast form will come from that. It'd be interesting to hear his thoughts on the whole experience.

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It would be nice if GB added a "Live Show" link to http://www.twitch.tv/dota2ti just like they did for EVO recently.

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Still completely surreal and hard to believe. RIP Ryan Davis.

One of my all time favorite Ryan moments (jump to 1:45:10):

Come Sail Away TNT

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@abendlaender: If they didn't close Maxis after Spore, they're not going to close Maxis now.

You're forgetting a little game they're milking to death called The Sims 3. Get your $419.83 DLC bundle today!