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Good thing hamilton didnt let rossberg by him all those laps ago lol

There is an argument to be made that if he did Rosberg could have won.....

It's a worthless argument when Mercedes already has double the points of Red Bull. Barring catastrophic car problems they already have both championships in the bag.

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The Mako was hot garbage but the planets themselves were even hotter garbage. That's what they really need to improve.

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People usually assume i'm into Primus the band. I didn't even know Primus before picking that name a good 12-13 years ago and don't much care for their music. Pr1mus is just a mixture of all sorts of names and words, including Solidus, Optimus and "(insert clever word/name here)_Prime" among others that i used before that. The 1 came from Primus generally being taken everywhere i tried to register so i had to get "creative".

I guess the South Park theme is alright.

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Civ: Beyond Earth

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Bombin' the AM with Scoops and The Wolf, featuring The Punmaster.

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@the_ruiner: It was, every polls got lost in the last site redesign.

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Hey there's no law against being insane i suppose.

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This seems pointless. Everyone regard their favorite games as some outstanding games. Unless you go about scoring them in a super boring and clinical way like old gamespot used to do that lead to Jeff reviewing Majora's Mask very positively despite hating it or vice versa.

Parasite Eve is one of mine and if i had to review it with a system like that it would most likely align with the metacritic average of 75 or so it got. But that's bullcrap.

I like all my favorite games. A lot. 10/10, all of them.

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Those are the exact same games they offered in 2011 and already i had a hard time picking something that actually interested me.

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I always found the character creator in the Mass Effect games super disappointing. So much so that i ended up just rolling with default female Shepard. And then they completely broke the character import in ME3! Ugh.

In general if your game is going to let me create my character at least give some sort of basic body features options and not just the face. It wouldn't be hard to have even if they decided to limit what is possible so people can't recreate the Hulk for example. Even something as simple as 3 or 4 body size presets and a height slider could go a long way.

I agree with the sentiment about her figure. No matter what class you opt for, with the military background of the character her look doesn't fit.

I went with a vanguard too starting from ME2. In the first game i played a soldier. I found the gunplay very weak with everything other than assault rifles, which the vanguard couldn't use and the biotic powers weren't that interesting in the first game. In ME2 you at least had access to SMGs for some rapid fire and the biotic powers of the vanguard were much better. I even pretended they gave her these new powers after rebuilding her. I don't know if they ever allude to this in the game but it's the kind of change that would bother me if i couldn't have at least some logic to explain it.