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It's actually a dollar cheaper to buy them individually.

I might actually try it for that price.

Now if capcom would be so kind as to fix the madness that is to have the first revelation still priced at 50$ on steam a year and a half after its release...

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I have none. Whatever this game turns out to be will not be for me because development started right in the middle of an era of square enix design that does absolutely nothing for me. Doesn't matter how long it took to make, unless they started from scratch, threw everything designed in the past 7-8 years away and replaced everyone in charge of the direction of the game there's no chance i'll like it.

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One the biggest problem of the gaming press is the hive mind mentality where they all think alike, all write the same articles and cover news from the same angles. This only reinforces that. They're plugging their ears preemptively while shouting loudly to block any further criticisms, good or bad, legitimate or not. Doesn't matter. If they don't hear it it didn't happen right? Now the people using this don't even have to think about ignoring people they may or may not want to hear from, the list does it for them! The gaming media's ship is sinking and instead of salvaging it they set it on fire.

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@gaff: What i mean is the ratio of advertising for games to advertising for other products on gaming sites is leaning largely on the gaming advertising side of things when compared to other types of site. 70-80% plus of advertising on sports sites or sporting events on TV isn't going to be about sports gear for example.

As for "piggyback on a well known and established publication that can pull in revenue through subscriptions or other, more profitable subjects, to cover your interest.", absolutely. An overwhelming majority of the best gaming articles i read in the last couple years have been on all purpose, pop culture sites that don't have to worry about potentially alienating the industry they cover, because they aren't covering only that one industry. I don't think it's an accident that the best gaming articles aren't found on gaming sites.

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Right, but what we're specifically talking about is enthusiast press. Can you give me any evidence the unfortunate but sometimes necessary coziness that comes from covering an entertainment industry like video games is any different than what happens in comics, movies, music? I'm not saying there aren't ethical lapses or publications/individuals can't improve, but part of what's happened in this movement is a desire to impose ethical standards as a straw man argument to deflect any understanding of how said ethics might actually work within a world of gray areas like games writing.

Seems to me that the most immediately apparent difference between games coverage and any other types of entertainment coverage is that the entire gaming coverage industry is almost 100% reliant on the industry it covers which is definitely not true of film/music/tech/sport/whatever coverage. The worst thing in all that is that almost no one talks about that aspect. That coziness between the journalist and the developer/artist/musician/etc might be a problem elsewhere but less so if your entire business isn't entirely dependant on the industry it covers.

I never understood this assumption from advertisers that if you visit gaming sites it must mean that your entire life revolves around them and nothing else. I understand even less the lack in desires of the gaming press to change this and minimize as much as possible and safeguard themselves against potential conflicts of interests.

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Is Hockey still in the game?

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Some of those bulletpoints read a lot like a Code Veronica description.

I'm not sure about the co-op. Actually i'm pretty sure i don't want co-op. A single player game with some tag along with terrible AI is almost always terrible. TLoU dodged the bullet on that one by making Ellie essentially invisible to the enemies.

Also Barry sounds like a terrible dad if he didn't keep his daughter out of that whole mess!

In any case i haven't played the first one and have no desires to do so. I remain exceedingly excited for REmake HD however. I'll finally be able to play it.

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@manhattan_project: You should give him a follow. Despite being essentially just a glorified blogger Erik Kain does far more actual reporting than anyone i can think of in the traditional gaming media. He's a terrific writer that takes the time to actually research and understand a subject and shows far more respect for his readership than most.

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@sackmanjones: Ignorance is bliss. Seriously you're better off not knowing.

If you really want to however there's this mostly neutral article that does a very good job of chronicling the events up to now.

Edit: Well then, seems me and @aetheldod had the same idea.