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At the beginning of the game, you might not think so or even around the middle. But when you've done just about everything possible, disregarding the petty dumbass quests (Ex finding someone's bow) there is nothing left to do but upgrade. I found there to be no replay value -or at least for me. I really hope DLC is announced soon, I don't want to lose interest again.

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I got a feeling 343 is gonna fuck up big time

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Lost hope in PS3 version. Shitty port is shitty

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@fisk0: Haven't tried this yet, I'll give it a shot. Thx

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Was thinking about picking this up or Witcher 2, but cannot decide. I've been a fan of ME since the first hit, and ever since have loved everything about it. However, i'm skeptical this time around considering the ending and I've heard the MP is mediocre (Don't really care about that as much). Its reviews were good but the past couple of weeks I've heard a lot of bitching regarding the game, and was just wondering whether this is a buy/skip.

TLDR: Buy or pass on ME 3



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@fisk0 said:

Weird, it bugged out for me too, but only in that the murder scene was removed as I completed the civil war quest line right in the middle of the Blood on the Ice quest, and for me buying and entering Hjerim got the quest working again. I couldn't complete all the quest objectives (as the lack of a crime scene made investigating it difficult), but the ones in the secret room were all that was needed to complete the quest for me. Apart from the journals you also need "A Strange Amulet".

Thanks for the feedback, however it still doesn't activate, even with the strange amulet. I give up. Thanks though.

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Nords piss me off

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@WilltheMagicAsian: Um 343i is working on Halo 4 not bungie. So yeah my bullshit senses were right

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