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So far it looks most similar to Fallout 3 (Van Buren). Also it should be noted that in the Kickstarter post by Fargo he stated that this screenshot has no particle effects or post-processing. So the actual game should be more dynamic and alive than this image implies.

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@qazmoto: Congrats on the #1 spot.

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I think that Parkin's review was pretty astute. All of the Uncharted games have been very cinematic in nature. They are the antithesis of open world games. While that might lead to "breaking the scene," I still enjoy the occasional chance to have a controlled well structured narrative.

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It probably was not reasonable to expect the Wii U too play Gamecube games. The wii's backwards compatibility was miles better than the PS3 or 360 ended up being.

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Really looking forward to this game, loved Demon's Souls.