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There's a lot of productive discussion going on in this page, but until Jeff authorizes an official style guide, the unruliness and oddball eclecticism of the wiki will prevail. No matter how much we argue about this, until there is an official stance on what wiki pages should be structured like, threads like these will just sink to the bottom of the forums [...]

This more or less sums up my thoughts on the subject. In the absence of a guide, every editor has developed their own style, and no one's style is more or less valid than anyone else's until such time as a guide is written.

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@hailinel: To be honest, when I played Zero Mission I didn't really have a problem with the Zero Suit since I figured it was a one-off thing. It wasn't until I played Prime 2 and I realized that ZSS was now THE Samus and that I would likely never see Retro Samus ever again that I was totally devastated. I probably come off like some bitter old codger since this happened so long ago, but goddammit I liked that verson! Why did you do this to me, Nintendo?! Okay, there we go. Now I definitely sound bitter.

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I had a similar moment of heartbreak when I realized that Retro's version of Samus Aran had been dropped in favor of Zero Suit Samus. Metroid Prime, for the first time, didn't make Samus disrobe for no reason at the end, and when she removed her helmet she looked shockingly like a real person. Then she got replaced by an underwear model and these days she's taking off her suit more than ever. I feel like I was given a brief glimpse of the Samus I had always wanted only to have the rug immediately and violently pulled out from under me. So yeah, I can totally empathize with your disappointment.

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I was originally pretty excited about Kingdom Hearts because it seemed like filling a JRPG with Disney characters would be the perfect way to prevent the narrative from taking itself too seriously. The first game struck a good balance between JRPG mysticism and happy-go-lucky Disney antics, I think, but as soon as 2 started delving into the concept of Nobodies I sort of stopped paying attention, and while I enjoyed 2 enough to finish it, I haven't had much desire to pick up any of the subsequent games.

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@zombiepie: I regret to inform you, Mr. Pie, that this blog has tested below the minimum federally-mandated levels, and that if this trend continues your funding may, in accordance with the law, be reevaluated. Seriously, though, thanks for the blog mentions. It's good to know that my username is paying dividends, if you could call vague discomfort dividends, which I do. Makes me glad I changed my mind about going with LSAT.

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There definitely needs to be an easier way to find pages in need of help; just trolling through the database is, as you say, inefficient, and if you happen to find something massive that you don't have the time to fix your only recourse is to start a forum thread, which may or may not lead to anything actually getting done. There was a brief discussion back when the wiki task system went away about what should replace it, but as of this moment there is nothing.

To be honest I was really taken aback by the inclusion of "Single-Player" and "Multiplayer" feature tabs during the site relaunch. Why you would add additional fields to releases when the existing ones weren't getting filled out consistently is beyond me. It seems like one of Jeff's "wouldn't it be nice" features that utterly fails to take into account the actual labor that would be required to make such a feature useful. Whatever the case, the way releases are handled on this site needs to be simplified or at some point people will just decide to not deal with them at all.

As far as getting additional style guidelines goes, I have a hard time not being cynical about the prospect. I remember a user posting a while back that, statistically, if a wiki does not instate firm guidelines within its first few years of existence, it probably never will. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I'm starting to come around to this way of thinking. Many people have tried to get clarification from the staff, but not much has been offered.

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This is probably the most contemplative and earnest piece of writing I've encountered on this site. Bravo.

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@mrpibb: The Doom II and Final Doom pages appear to be fixed now, but there are many others still affected (HoMM II, Dark Forces II, Myth III, to name a few). Should I just post pages here that need to be fixed? Also, should I be receiving notification when followed pages are edited, or is this working as intended?

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Both of these issues still exist.