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It's all politics, marginalizing the political views that you disagree with is the order of the day. You shame them into conformity. Even the gaming community is crumbling against the 'violent video games make you violent' argument, at least if you don't like the aggressive culture that the military presents then you probably don't like modern military shooters and your politics jade your view from 'it's just a game' to 'this is culturally bad and we need to put it outside our mainstream culture'. Just look at the way gamers shame other gamers and you have a microcosm of how non-gaming mainstream culture shames gaming in general.

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I wonder if it's too late to get into this game because I'll be dominated by better skilled players or is matchmaking pretty good?

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If you buy the game on your own PSN account then the game is tied to the account, not the PSP. Now the you'll have to tie that particular PSP to the PSN account you're using, which is done pretty easily through the Account Management menu option.
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I wanna see Jeff's review of this game as a reprisal of his Kayne and Lynch review:

"This is an ugly, ugly game... er wait, I mean a cute, cute game."