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I am glad technology has progressed enough in the last year to allow for this!!

this. thank you for saving me the effort.

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I'm SO glad I got to meet him, shake his hand, and thank him and the crew personally for all the years of raucous laughter at December's PAX East, before all of this happened. Ryan Davis was a man I never knew personally, but he always acted as the glue of the group, pulling them out of awkward exchanges with his signature laugh and a smile, or just leaning into the awkwardness in the right way to make everyone laugh. I just hope he went out doing something equally amazing to himself ...

Of course everyone is sad, but take this moment and realize that your computer screen can be used for so many positive things. You can influence people in a positive way with your words instead of being rotten and nasty about the things you're passionate about. If anyone proved that in spades it was him. Amazing people happen when someone realizes they don't have to press their opinions into everyone's forehead, and finds a way to state what they like in a neutral, community building, and funny way. It's that simple ... many condolences to his family and the GB crew. May only good things come of this as I'm sure that's what Ryan would have wanted.

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Hey guys and hopefully gals,

Not sure if this is kosher to post here, but I've started a newish blog and live stream that I thought some of the fine folks here might enjoy. I'm not just going to be streaming awesome PC gaming goodness (DIII especially, High DPS Inferno Monk), but I'll be pairing it with awesome Electro House/Dubstep 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I'll mix it up from time to time live as well, because as every DJ should, there's always time to practice! Come check it out, follow, and share!

If this isn't cool to post here please feel free to shun me. I'm pretty new here. ಠ_ಠ



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  If that is actual game footage of GT5 ... they just sold me a PS3.  Forza is fun and all but the GT5 video is superior in every way, including music.  This whole grunge tech music thing is starting to get played out and it sounded like Forza started out with some nice smooth DnB and then switched.  I hated it ...  
I pray GT5 turns out that beautiful, but even if not, GT5 wins this round hands down.  And that's coming from someone that has never played any game in the GT series and LOVED Forza on the original Xbox.    

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Hands down ... Eli Vance was the most amazing and memorable video game death ...

It was so powerful I remember just sitting there, mouth wide open, for about 10 minutes as I replayed it over and over to make sure he was actually dead.

The way Alex reacts sells the whole thing and just thinking about it makes me want to play Episode 3!
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this lady's last name is *yip* and she looks a lot like a fox ... she is also wearing a red scarf and/or APRON?!

I need some leaves and a riddle STAT!  where's funky student when you need him?!
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anyone remember need for speed porsche unleashed?  if this is ANYTHING like that ... i'm totally in

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I've had both throughout the years and I'm officially a Razer guy now.  They may not last as long, but when they do work, they are the most precise and comfortable gaming mice on the market.

Logitech DOES have a better warrenty policy, but Razer is not too far off.  Their products just melt in your hand when you find the right fit.