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2007 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

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Yes. I was bothered it didn't have a "other" gender option like GB's profiles, and the previous Bombcast survey. But I sent an email to the one in the survey.

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@poortommy said:

Sure did. The survey taught me that I don't know what the hell New Age music is. I'll take the chance and courageously live the rest of my life not knowing.

There's a lot of great artists (e.g. Vangelis, Jarre, Oldfield, TD) that get lumped in with New Age music, but I wouldn't call them that. Kitaro is probably the only I like that is consistently called New Age.

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FPS/RPG hybrid. My favourites are the original Deus Ex and STALKER:SoC.

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@sfrey1 said:

G-Saviour and Starship Troopers.

I just got done watching every Gundam series, OVA and movie, and specifically skipped G-Saviour because I heard it was so bad. What did you like about it?

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It's acceptable to me, and they/them are my pronouns. I don't mind ze/hir either. However, this never really comes into play since almost all of my real life interactions are in Finnish, which already has gender-neutral pronouns.

"s/he" or "he or she" are not gender neutral, and they erase people.

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@oldirtybearon said:

I have no wish to argue gender politics with you or anyone else. I will simply say that from a factual consideration and not what's in someone's imagination, there are only two genders. Whether you identify as one, the other, both, as a genderless fict-kin with the preferred pronouns of xe-xey-xem or not has no bearing on the fact that you are either A) a man or B) a woman.

It always bugs me when people confuse gender roles with gender. Gender is set. Gender roles are social constructs.

Non-binary genders are real, and what you identify as is the only thing that matters. Everything else is irrelevant.

Also, both sex and gender are socially constructed. A social construct doesn't mean it's not real. Sex differences exist, but the meanings attributed to them are constructed by people. Sex characteristics are not inherently gendered.

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I hope I didn't imply that I wouldn't call a transsexual by their preferred pronoun. That wasn't my intention. The thing is I hang out a lot on TiA and I have seen the craziest, weirdest, most mind-numbingly stupid people make arguments for being called "plumb/apple/orange" in relation to their "preferred pronouns." I thought that was what we were talking about, this idea that gender is a fluid dynamic and not at all set due to our physiological differences.

I would absolutely not call a trans person by their sex, considering the whole point of them transitioning is that they don't want to be that sex and indeed are working really damn hard to become the other one.

I really need a cigarette. Trying to quit has clearly impaired my judgment when it comes to reading comprehension.

"the other one" would imply there's only two genders. Not all trans people wish to transition or want surgery. People's pronouns are to be respected, whatever they may be.

I would avoid the shit hole that is TiA, it's bad for your health.

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Free replacements for proprietary software have existed since GNU in 1983. It's great that 2048 exists, because now less people will play the proprietary game. So go play 2048, everyone!

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Also, Star Trek VI.

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