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I've read all the currently available books that have been officially translated (The Last Wish, Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire) and they're all definitely worth your time, fantastic reads. I'm kind of salty that I finished Baptism of Fire already since the next one isn't due to be released until next year.

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I've got three NA Keys:




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PrzBarackbar#1993 NA West Coast

Always looking for new people to play with!

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@venekor said:

This does piss me off though in the way that in the old days you paid for the game and that was it. Map packs were free, mods were free, SDKs were a given and all you bought extra was a substantial expansion.

Now everyone has their hands out, you cannot buy a game any more without having to pay double for a premium service and now it is mods too.....

I can just not buy any of it and not care and eventually be pushed away from being a gamer.

Definitely with you on this one. If this becomes the eventual future of gaming you can count me out.

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I really have no problems with people charging for mods. I can see some issues of support and pricing, but over all I am happy with mod makers having the option to charge for their content.

I see a lot of people saying they should just have a donation button. I can;t agree with a donation button being the only option of monetization, they should have the ability to set a minimum price.

Hope this get ironed out over the next few months and we get some really great mods out of it.

I think its naive to think this could possibly create better mods. This was the same argument for Early Access, that having the ability to monetize would be a net positive and allow more and better games to be made that never would have had a chance, and look at the whole lot of nothing that seemed to produce.

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@koolaid said:

It's days like these that really depress the hell outta me. You see comment after comment, tweet after tweet of folks laughing at the idea of paying for mods. Of calling modders who charge for their work 'scum bags'.

Who are these people that don't need money to live? Are they children? They must be, right? Do they not pay for rent? For health insurance? For fucking food? Do they think that in order to make video games you should sacrifice every other aspect of your life or else you aren't passionate enough?

The idea that money will get in the way of a modder's passion in a joke. It's so far removed from reality I don't understand where it comes from. Fear of not being able to support myself financially is the NUMBER ONE BLOCKER OF CREATIVITY! It's the desire to ensure to make the money to support yourself that causes you to take less risks in the first place! It's what causes you to make a 'safer product!' If creators didn't have to worry about money, you would have an EXPLOSION of creative content!

I should get off the internet today. I'm getting too salty.

My simple question in that case is why did they mod before there was even the potential to make money? If it was all about making a living doing what they like doing, there should be a slew of new people who decide its now time to start modding, not older modders suddenly deciding to charge for their content.

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I believe Xianghua from Soul Calibur and Xiaoyu from Tekken are Chinese.

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@theguy said:

@majortoms: I'm playing the witcher 2 at the moment pretty far in and I'm still wearing these gloves I got as a bonus. I really enjoy having to swap out equipment :/

Ugh the absolute worst thing that happened to me in that game is in the second big hub area I found a vendor that was new with the Enhanced Edition who sold a Poisoned Zerrikan Sabre that was really high damage and I bought it without thinking twice. It ended up being the weapon I used until the end of the game because everything I found as loot was so much worse.

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I am a Dota player, and yes, Dota players are insane. For reference, some years ago there was a Lederhosen & cowboy hat set for sale for a hero ingame, it got removed for lore reasons and now goes for several hundred dollars.

I think the part where they removed it for "lore reasons" is WAYYYY more insane than people paying several hundred dollars for the items.

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@jadegl: I'm glad to see that there are actually people out there who have decided not to just flat out accuse the creators of those games of sexism or misogyny. I can totally understand wanting more variety in the kinds of stories told and characters portrayed, it just seems like most of the big advocates for this kind of thing also couch their argument in some kind of conspiracy against women in video games. Its really disheartening to see a normal and healthy desire for variety wrapped up in such hateful rhetoric. I'm glad there are people like you and the poster you quoted that understand that the best way to make progress on this issue is to dump all the hate.