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Well, if you don't mind taking a trip back to the past, the Wrath of Cronos mod for the old Doom-engine game Hexen (which is also compatible with Heretic and Doom) features a Necromancer class that is heavily inspired by the Diablo II Necromancer with some Warcraft thrown in for good measure. I really enjoy the way the mod adds RPG character progression and a skill tree to an already awesome set of old games.

The Necromancer class is SO metal.

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And as for the user having to endlessly pay I say: is that such a bad thing? If you are offering something they want, what’s a few bucks a day? I buy a cup of coffee every day and that adds up. A lot of people get a beer (or three) after work. People spend money on things they want. Why do games have to be a one time purchase instead of a cost that is metered out as you go?

The exact reason these kinds of games cant be "a cost metered out as you go" is because there is no endgame for games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans and whatnot. For there to be a meter there has to be and endpoint, this isn't like buying an episodic game one episode at a time.

You know, some people genuinely enjoy smoking cigarettes, but that doesn't mean they aren't primarily designed to be addictive and create a physiological need in their victims first and foremost.

Edit: Cut down the post to make it sound less like a personal attack.

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If it is just, "Hey you can pay for stuff faster but the normal unlock rate is perfectly fine and on par with the previous games," then that's fine.

That's the real danger and the thing that Forza 5 ran into. If it feels like they deliberately balanced the unlock rate poorly so people would spend money to speed up a really slow unlock rate, that is really bad news.

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Finally, Phantasmagoria 3! The game we've always wanted!

Grab your grey pocket tees boys and girls, Curtis Craig is back!

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They are DEFINITELY going to have to backpedal on this or I can't possibly see anyone continuing to use Twitch as their primary streaming service. These terms are just too damn restrictive. The fact that people are already scoping out replacements should tell them something.

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Always good to see someone on this site posting something about League of Legends that isn't just derisive dumping on the whole thing because it isn't Dota.

They feed off of comments like this. I prefer League myself, but even I find it a little funny how upset people sometimes seem to get when they joke around about it. Not to imply that your comment was especially defensive, but I'm sure you have seen worse.

Yeah, sometimes they have a tendency to just overdo the joke. Especially now that it seems even Jeff is starting to absorb Brad's League "hatred" despite having never played either game. It's funny, the most refreshing thing I've heard anyone on the staff say on the topic was on the Bombcast when Brad came back from The International where he finally admitted that there is actually a good reason certain people prefer League of Legends to Dota 2.

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Always good to see someone on this site posting something about League of Legends that isn't just derisive dumping on the whole thing because it isn't Dota.

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Super awesome and very delicious looking!

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@gunslingerpanda: I really hate that video because its pretty obvious TB made it to once again shout about how he hates LoL. I get it, he's pissed they didn't let him make a champ because he got all the referrals and it was a shitty thing to do, but enough is enough. I like how he talks definitively about how inflexible the rune system is despite having not played for 2 years and using MOBAFire of all things as his research tool, which is a site that doesn't have a stellar track record when it comes to guides. He doesn't like what they are introducing into HotS, and that is totally fine and I'm not really in favor of it either, but he needs to let his hatred of Riot die.

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@rorie said:

I just never see any real advantage to pre-ordering. The bonus items and such are rarely worthwhile, and there's always the possibility of bugs or server mishaps that'll make the game unplayable anyway. I've definitely become more of a "wait for a Steam Sale" kind of guy over the past couple of years.

Yeah, I'm totally with you Rorie, except in VERY specific circumstances. I mean, I knew I was going to buy and play BioShock: Infinite when it came out, so when Steam was running a deal where you could get the game at a discount plus XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free, it wasn't too difficult of a decision.