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He needs more heirs to the KiteCo EVE fortune.

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Umm, I hear if you like WoW clones Star Wars: The Old Republic is pretty much exactly the same game.

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Even the Hulkster agrees...its America

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I feel like you guys need to make sure you also lock up before someone else gets a jump on it.

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That show went from liberal-leaning satire to absolute Obama Love Fest. Its bummed me out. Jon and his people ran out of good ideas a long time ago.


I think that's pretty hilarious because as of the past few years, Jon has been extremely critical of Obama and the administration as a whole.

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Man, I'm a teacher in Nebraska and we don't have anything like that. Student teaching evaluations are covered entirely by the university - people you know and have worked with for several semesters. How does it work? Do you get one shot at an observation and interview by assessors, or what?

We have to create a unit and during 3-5 days of that unit record our entire classes. Then from those recordings we choose 2 separate 10 minute segments and submit them unedited along with our lesson plans, student sample work, and roughly 50 pages of explanations and justifications for our lessons. A state panel of graders then review your submission and decide if you are good enough to get your credential. Very fun stuff...

Oh jeeze, you are doing the thing you don't do if you do CalTPA like I did. Yeah, I've heard about this thing, it sounds really rough. If you want, send me a PM and I can hook you up with some teaching materials I have for World.

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If Uther or Raynor or Jaina was in there I'd have probably bought into it since I've been on the outside looking in on this game for a while.

Raynor is in the pack.

Oh whoops, sorry, not that familiar with Starcraft, I meant the other dude with the armor, Tychus. That dude gets a fucking giant mech suit for an ultimate.

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For my 2 cents I'm really enjoying it. As a palette cleanse brawler it succeeds. It has certainly got the highly polished Blizzard sheen to the edges. But it is certainly not $39.99 worth of entertainment yet. You unlock chracters at a pretty steady clip with the free currency, and the fact you might not actually like the unlocked characters, it's a bad value proposition.

Yeah, I'd have actually considered it if they just gave you pick of a few heroes or more currency to buy whoever you wanted. The three on offer here seem like three of the least interesting. If Uther or Raynor or Jaina was in there I'd have probably bought into it since I've been on the outside looking in on this game for a while.

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It doesn't really surprise me that the game doesn't hit well with some people considering it gives off that exploitation movie kinda vibe. Those kinds of Nazisploitation films always gave off goofy and completely grim and dire vibes in equal amounts. Its definitely not for everyone.