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I believe Xianghua from Soul Calibur and Xiaoyu from Tekken are Chinese.

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@majortoms: I'm playing the witcher 2 at the moment pretty far in and I'm still wearing these gloves I got as a bonus. I really enjoy having to swap out equipment :/

Ugh the absolute worst thing that happened to me in that game is in the second big hub area I found a vendor that was new with the Enhanced Edition who sold a Poisoned Zerrikan Sabre that was really high damage and I bought it without thinking twice. It ended up being the weapon I used until the end of the game because everything I found as loot was so much worse.

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I am a Dota player, and yes, Dota players are insane. For reference, some years ago there was a Lederhosen & cowboy hat set for sale for a hero ingame, it got removed for lore reasons and now goes for several hundred dollars.

I think the part where they removed it for "lore reasons" is WAYYYY more insane than people paying several hundred dollars for the items.

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@jadegl: I'm glad to see that there are actually people out there who have decided not to just flat out accuse the creators of those games of sexism or misogyny. I can totally understand wanting more variety in the kinds of stories told and characters portrayed, it just seems like most of the big advocates for this kind of thing also couch their argument in some kind of conspiracy against women in video games. Its really disheartening to see a normal and healthy desire for variety wrapped up in such hateful rhetoric. I'm glad there are people like you and the poster you quoted that understand that the best way to make progress on this issue is to dump all the hate.

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He needs more heirs to the KiteCo EVE fortune.

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Umm, I hear if you like WoW clones Star Wars: The Old Republic is pretty much exactly the same game.

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Even the Hulkster agrees...its America

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I feel like you guys need to make sure you also lock up before someone else gets a jump on it.

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That show went from liberal-leaning satire to absolute Obama Love Fest. Its bummed me out. Jon and his people ran out of good ideas a long time ago.


I think that's pretty hilarious because as of the past few years, Jon has been extremely critical of Obama and the administration as a whole.