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"many of which you have probably never heard of," so hipster, haha.

I've been waiting for Fez for years. Can't wait to finally play the thing.

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@Hizang said:

@Cincaid: But it was never on the Xbox right, so how can it be a GOD game?

Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica were released together in Japan on two discs as the Resident Evil "Revival Selection" package. They're being broken up and distributed digitally elsewhere. RE4 and CVX will both have 1000G.

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I am boycotting sleep until the Bombcast is released. It's only 8pm here, but I've been awake for over 48 hours and am running on pure cantankerousness at this point.

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This fall: Monophonic sound is BACK.

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Matte finish? Cheap? Sony, bring this to the states. Pretty please? Don't be dumb. We're in a recession here. I am finally on board with giving you money for your silly little handheld so I can get my Persona on.

...Anyone know if this thing's region-free?

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Wow, $250 isn't too bad a price for the base model.

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Looks like a headcrab. Also, how exactly does one eat a pizzasphere? Do you cut it up like a watermelon or create two independent pizza-hemispheres?

This fascinates me muchly. TESTED.COM, you must end your vow to do food segments and travel upon this dark path... If at the very least so that I do not attempt to do so myself.

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Yes! I've been waiting for a release date on this title for awhile. Thanks Patrick!

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As someone that goes by "President_Evil," I am very excited about this. Perhaps moreso than one ought be.  
But still, Re4 and CV for achievements? Sign me up! As long as there's no "Get the Infinite Launcher" achievement in Veronica. Regardless, I eagerly await getting my S-rank on. Both in-game and also here on Giant Bomb.