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Congrats on the troll thread. Looks like you got some responses.

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"I don't know, the animation in this game is doing a lot for the time. It's pretty good."

- Jeff Gerstmann, to Dave Lang about one of his horrible early games on Thursday Night Throwdown or whatever

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Ever since Disney shuttered former all-things-Star Wars publisherLucasArts in the wake of its purchase of Lucasfilm,

Oh my god. This is quite possibly the worst sentence I've ever read. And this is only a third of it.

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The formula is simple, so simple that Nintendo cannot figure it out. Create a console that is the hardware equivalent of your competitors, gain parity with third party software and maintain your fan base with first party software as always. Sadly, such simple and obvious advice has perhaps been ignored for the last time.

Except the Wii was a huge success and basically printed them money for several years. And the 3DS is continuing to do that.

This is always a surreal conversation. They currently have the best selling console. Yeah, it's not the Wii U, but so what? How long was it until the PS3 started to actually sell?

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I don't remember these kinds of constant "LOL THEY CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT" articles when the PS3 was floundering. Or the XBox.

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It was kinda like watching that scene in Wayne's World where they get corporate sponsorship and the dude from Noah's Arcade sits on the couch, and Wayne has to suck up to him. But instead of doing what he does in the movie, he just sucks up to him.

The whole website's been like, "that looks like Wayne's basement, but that's not Wayne's basement."


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Team Vinny represent.

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Don't worry, guys. Things'll pick up once Jeff finishes taking care if his baby.

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Don't worry. Things'll pick up once they finish moving into the new offices. :)

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@alexander said:

What's bananas and quite shit is that embedded YouTube is a premium feature. I would have thought encouraging users to stay on the site for their video content was the way forward.

Jeff kinda answered that last night on Tumblr.

"It’s one of those weird “we get 100% of the ad money from our player but not from YouTube” things. There’s some talk about making some changes to the ad stuff on our YouTube channel, and if that happens we may end up revisiting that restriction. But that’s a lot of ifs and I’m not really in that conversation, so I don’t really know where it’s at right now.

I think there’s a case to be made for going all YouTube all the time, but I ain’t no businessman."

That's probably the dumbest thing I've seen him say.

We can still go to YouTube. Having it as "Premium Subscriber Content" just makes it look like they trying to put one over on their users. And not a very good "one" at that.